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  1. Two things about your food journal: 1- What are the steamed veggies? If they're starchy one, i can see the points value for them. If they are free veggies, you shouldn't count the points. 2- did you check the nutritional info on your applesauce and double it (if one serving is 1/2 c.) I thought my 1 c of applesace was 2 points until i doubled all the nutritional info, and it turned out to be just 1 point. The reason why I am asking, it could be that small errors in points take away from your daily point target. I.E. instead of eating 24 pts you actually ate 22-23. I know the few points do not seem like much, but they can make a difference. I do not mean to imply that you do this(it's just a thought on my part), but watch out for BTL's (bites, tastes, licks). They can really rack up points for things that do not seem to be deemed a point value for. I for one am really bad when it comes to these. Did you take your measurements when you first started? Have you taken them since? Sometimes when the scale is not moving, you are losing inches instead of weight. If you didn't take measurements, are your clothes fitting looser?
  2. Thank You so much!!!!!! I was asking for this recipe for a friend of mine. She'll be thrilled to have this.
  3. I'm looking for the Frozen Layered Pumpkin Cake in the "Recipes for Success 2006" cookbook. If anyone has this cookbook, would you pklease post this recipe for me? Thanks in advance.
  4. The Super Challenge 4 mile does not use the stretchie. Just the walking an d all other moves she uses.
  5. Thanks for the info. I will save my money then.
  6. I was curious if anyone here has tried the Jillian Michaels (trainer from The Biggest Loser) workout videos? I have seen 2 different ones at Wal-Mart, but wasn't sure if they would be good. Any opinions?
  7. I recently have become addicted to the WW smoothies. I have been told that when used with milk, you can count it as 2 milk servings. The other day I heard a leader telling new members that if you do this, you really only can absorb 500 mg of calcium at one time. So she thinks you are wasting 2 points (and a serving of milk) when you mix the smoothie with milk. Has anyone else heard of this? I really like making my smoothies with milk, they just taste so much better than made with water.
  8. I personally love the WATP workouts. I think they are a great beginning place for those who are not physically active.Plus I think they are a good workout for people that are quite a bit overweight. You may also want to try some weight training. Toning your muscles not only make you look better, but it's supposed to help you burn more calories, even at a resting pace. Toning will go a long way with how your body looks as you lose. Just remember to do something that you like, and you can keep up with. If you can't do a whole workout at once, don't worry about it. Good Luck.
  9. I have a question for all of you doing this workout. What intensity level, using the WW's levels, do you think the workouts are (low, moderate, High)? For me I think the low intesity workout and the Strength/sculpting workout is moderate for me. My heart rate is up, and I am sweating. I think the High intensity and Boot camp are definitely high. Last night I did the Boot camp workout and thought I was ready to die. I almost killed myself with the jumping up and down when Bob said to try and raise your knees. I guess I can't jump high enough to do much knee raising. I came down alot faster than I thought I would and wasn't ready, lol.
  10. I finally found the video at walmart. I gotta say it's a great workout. My thighs and abs are going to be sore tomorrow. That's a good thing right. I did the Low and High intensity, plus the sculpting part.
  11. You looked great Carla! Kelly- They showed them towards the end of the show. I think before the final WI, but can't remember. They sure showed a quick peek of them. I would have thought it would have been a few seconds more.
  12. I have a new pic on my photo page. -122 pounds!!
  13. I have a question!!!!! for the cardio part of the workout, do you need to have a lot of co-ordination? I am co-ordinationally challenged! Sounds like a great dvd.
  14. Terry- You look amazing, wait sorry that wasn't right.....AMAZING!!!! There that's better. Congrats on making goal. I know you are floating on cloud nine. At least you should be. Next stop....Lifetime!
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