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  1. Hi there Buddies - I have 3 points questions for you....because ALL my books are at work and I don't know the points for this Okay: Bologna - how many points per SLICE?? Its the small circle kind, and they are thin slices (they cut it that way without me telling them)...how many slices can I have, and how many points? Cheese - it's land o lakes yellow american - Deli sliced (while I stood there they sliced it - LOL) and I would say they are medium sliced...how many points for how many??? Last but not least... Steak - all that is in it is garlic - but my cousin (for dindin tonight) cuts them in slices (sometimes) so how many slices can I have? or can you give me a figure of exactly how much steak I can have, and how many points you think it is?? I am sorry - I wish I bought my books home !!! Any help is MUCH MUCH MUCH Appreciated!!!! Thank you all in advance Theresa
  2. Thank you Duchess - I usually do do that - but I wasn't sure if that was the right measurement...but now I will !! Thank you buddy!!
  3. Hi Buddies - I have a question - I have a cereal in my cabinet that I bought, but I don't have a measuring cup for the serving size :eek: - so I was hoping someone can help...what would I do if I needed 2/3 cup? I have everything BUT 2/3 cup - I have 1/3 (now I am thinking of doing 2 - 1/3 cups to make 2/3 cups), 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/4...but not 2/3 - what can I do to measure 2/3 appropriately - I know I should know this - I just don't - LOL - Sooo..I am hoping someone can help me out!!! Thank you in advance buddies !
  4. Hey there Buddies - I hope someone can help me out here - I tried to figure it out, but I don't think I am doing it right and I want to make sure I am...Here is the nutritional values for the popcorn I want to eat: Serving Size: 3 1/2 Cups popped Servings per Bag: About 3 Calories: 40 (per 1 cup popped) Total Fat: 2.5 (per 1 cup popped) Fiber: 3 (per 1 cup popped) Okay - how much would this be for the whole bag and for the serving size (3 1/2 cups)??? I am addicted to popcorn (so I am hoping this is low in points, but not sure)...HELP PLEASE!!! Thank you!!! Have a great OP DAY buddies
  5. I have the cookies and cream bars in my freezer as we speak - I like it - it really does the trick if you are craving chocolate/ice cream - and for only 2 points. I haven't had the peanut butter one though - I think that would be a very BAD move in my freezer though - I am a huge fan of the Reeses Peanut butter cups, and having that in my freezer would be calling my name every night :rolleyes: but thank you for the information !!! Theresa
  6. Hi there Buddies - how are you all doing? Hope everyone's holiday was great I was just wondering if anyone has a flexpoints spreadsheet(for Excel)??? If you do, can someone please send it to me?? I would really appreciate it!!! Have a great OP day everyone!!! Theresa
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