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  1. I've tried them and was NOT impressed! Very fake tasting. I love almost all of the Boca products, but I give this one a thumbs down!
  2. I love their riblets, too. SOOOOO yummy! Bren
  3. My favs are Zone bars (Toffee Peanut or Chocolate Mint) and PowerBar Harvest (Toffee Chocolate Chip).
  4. I did Core when it first came out, and I noticed my points were much less. On Flex, my target is 28. On core, I usually ate between 22-24, but wasn't hungry. I've since switched back to flex, tho.
  5. DH got me one for Christmas. It's a Mio and I love it. It's one that doesn't require the use of a chest strap. I love working out and then seeing how many calories I've burned with the touch of a finger. Check it out at http://www.bodytrends.com/products/heart_rate/mio.htm IndyPenguin
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