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  1. Hi Squash, I follow the old Momentum program, because I had the same kind of experience as you did on PointsPlus. If you still have all your old materials, why not go back to what worked before? Good luck!
  2. Hi Erika, welcome back! It's true, the biggest battle is the one in our minds. You sound ready to fight!
  3. Hi Candle3! So glad you have come out of "lurkdom" and begun to post! I bet the ladies in the "Fit and Sexy" group will be delighted to meet you.
  4. Wow, 5 years! Congratulations!!
  5. Wow, these sound amazing. I wonder if they're available in Canada?
  6. Hi DES2, I seem to recall getting a page of corrections with my materials when I first got them, but I don't think it was very extensive, and I heard online about quite a few more errors that I don't believe WW included on their corrections sheet. That being said, I know that a "tweak" of the program is coming in the next few weeks. I bet they will be giving us new materials, and it won't surprise me if they are a little better put together (since they've had a year to look at the big picture...).
  7. Happy birthday, Denise! I hope you have a great day!
  8. Just saw this thread. Thanks for helping us out, Tinka!
  9. Just finished day 2 of week 3. I thought it would be harder today than it was, because I hadn't been on the treadmill for a couple of days since my daughter got the flu. It really wasn't bad at all. Super Bowl - I don't like crowds either, but found the 5K we did last fall was quite manageable with regard to the other participants (several thousand). Once the race started, everyone fanned out and there was plenty of space - especially at the back, where I was!
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