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  1. Hi girls! I was just going to stop by to see how everyone is but then I got so lost!!! What happened around here?? My goodness. I'm off to do some research. I'll be back.
  2. This sounds delicious! Does anyone know the actual measurement of each serving? Just trying to save myself the time of dividing it out by nine! Thanks!!
  3. I have never been to Trader Joes but I will be near one next week when traveling for work. I know lots of people on BCB love to shop there! I have just recently started core and was wondering what your must-have things are from Trader Joes.
  4. Bumping up.. I think I will make these at my parents house on Christmas Eve... sounds yummy!!
  5. about how long does it take to cook the eggplant if you use the oven? Do you eat it heated up?
  6. mauigrrrl

    Body Pump

    I have been wanting to try this class but it makes me a little nervous!! Any tips for a first-timer?
  7. bumping up because I HAVE to try these!!! YUM
  8. bumping this up.... sounds interesting.
  9. bumping up....... I HAVE to try this!!!!
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