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  1. You know me...just popping in now and then....still OP and doing well.
  2. Yes, I believe so. That's why I want to see what my dr. says about it or if HE does the same procedure. This other guy is a Uro-gyn though so there may be some differences that my dr. doesn't do. It sounded from what I heard that it is done laproscopically.
  3. My network carries Law & Order: SVU after TBL. I'll see if I can find "Ruby" next time. It does just upset me SO much that they sent all of them home after the first week......I can't tell you how much. These people are in need of some VERY hard work and are the biggest contestants ever, so HOW do they think they are going to do at home?
  4. LOL!!! Thanks, ya'll. I'm actually going to talk to my dr. about it this month when I have my check up. There is a dr. in town who fixes this problem without the usual big surgery and long recovery. I'm going to ask my dr. if he knows this dr. and about the procedure.....or if doing my kegels will be a better way to approach it.
  5. Yeah, but.....yeah, but......I'll pee on myself if I do the real things.
  6. I can't WAIT until my meeting on Sat!!!! Too many things to do before then though. I keep "wishing my life away" week by week too often lately!
  7. I know! I've been on many message boards in my time, and one of them would get bad depending on the subject that came up, but it was NOTHING like the WW boards and the vileness that goes on there ALL the time.
  8. There was a lot of speculation about that from what I read. Some thought that it was a good thing so that current members would have time to read through the info and could have good questions to ask at the meeting. Some thought that because the program in Canada is the same or very similar to the US one and because WW updated the .ca site that they figured they might as well do the US one since everyone was going over and reading that one. And then there were those who suggested that the tech guys didn't want to work over the weekend. I agree....it is rather puzzling since WW swore their leaders to secrecy.
  9. EXACTLY! I just wanted to tell the story about what happened to me one time. I was with my dh at his company Christmas party. It was a buffet style dinner. One young unmarried man came with his date. We were sitting at the same table with him and his date as well as a few other couples. I went to get dessert (this was when I had lost more weight than I have now) and when I came back I noticed that the young lady did not have any. I said "You aren't having dessert?" She said, "No, I made cookies with my nephew yesterday and had two so I'm skipping dessert." HUH? That's foreign to me! LOL My next door neighbor is the same way though...she ate what she wanted for Thanksgiving and just got right back on her usual routine the next day (as *I* did ). Just watching my naturally thin neighbor has taught me a lot. She doesn't use any excuses for not exercising. Real reasons, yes (like having a baby or going out of town); but it is rare for her not to go to the gym each day or be teaching her own classes (she teaches exercise classes). I changed my thinking about exercise and it worked. If I think about slacking off (vs. taking a REAL rest day), I just think of her.
  10. It said basically "Go to the WW website to see what is new".
  11. YES, Lynn! I love my leader (even though she isn't so much a "Corebie"...at least she gives both sides of each plan unlike other leaders I've heard about who don't even MENTION Core).....and she is the one that focuses so much more on the non food aspects. She has had difficulty herself for the past couple of years since she turn 50 and gone through menopause (she says), but she REALLY believes in all the non food plan aspects in order for the members under her leadership to succeed and KEEP the weight off because she knows WITHOUT those, there will only be reverting back to the old ways.
  12. Well, thankfully we have you on PM, Lynn. It is much more fun though when we can have discussions with everyone in tow. I'll be waiting.
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