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  1. I just received an e-mail about the start of the new program. I had been on WW a few years back, when they introduced CORE and the new way they had you figure your daily points. How does it differ from CORE? Do you now counts points with it also? And have foods that are considered Core not on the new list of foods? Exercise guidelines? Points allowance and targets changed? I had already planned to go back to the meetings this Tues, and now I'm really excited to go to see what's new. I hit a major wall and got so frustrated that I had stopped losing that I quit, now I'm pretty much having to start over. I hope this new plan is what will get me headed back in the right direction. I was going to go ahead and follow the plan with my old books, but now I'm wondering how much it will change with the new plan. I don't want to eat too many points if that has changed also. I'm hoping they have started the new plan here! THANKS for an info! I can't wait till Tues to get to that meeting.
  2. Thank you, I'm going to give it a try.
  3. I'm on a long time platuea, and saw it mentioned on the Wendie Plan thread. Could someone explain this one, or point me to a website about it?? Do you use AP's? Thanks! Katfuzz
  4. This is the first I've heard of another program change. Wonder why another change so soon? I went with the change before, but this time I'm sticking with this. I love the flex points. I've lost most of my weight with this, so not going to mess with that success.:weights:
  5. I don't like the smoothies, can't get them smooth :eek: I love the chocolate crisp 2 pts bar. I mostly get slimfast bars. I love the Peanut Butter crunch, tastes like a butterfinger. only 3pts. I'll have to try the Kashi bars that sounds great to.
  6. YES!!! They are great! I'm glad they give you the recipe for single serving or I'd eat the whole pan.
  7. Congratulations!!!! It such a great feeling!
  8. Looking for any recipes for rice, as a side dish or the main dish. I have been fixing it with chicken broth, onions, and frozen peas. Would love to try something different? Any suggestions would great! Thanks in advance!
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