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  1. Haven't posted here in a while, trying the past few weeks to really up my running to days a week and graddually add mileage. Not really training for anything right now, my sis and I might try to run a half later in the year. Cassie: there is a trail Half and marathon in Georgia in May, my sister found it. I think it is called the Twisted Ankle. Keep up the running.
  2. I am with Ann, I am a runner and if I don't eat my points, I don't feel too good. Got to goal eating pretty much all the points allowed me and will get back down there the same way.
  3. Hey Babe, good idea. I think this is just what I need to help me recommmit to exercise this month. Have had an off month in April. I may run a 5k in the middle of the month, but I really just want to get back to goal this month. I am going to try and run at least 20 miles a week. Week of May 1st Sunday - 4.5 miles Tuesday - 3 miles Lets run into the summer :work_out::work_out:.
  4. Christa: you are ready for this, just go out and enjoy, 50,000, that is a pretty big race. Lani: three years is quite an accomplishment, I have been at lifetime for about 7 months, still working at it, please join us. I ran my first Half last year on Thanksgiving and I think I am still recovering, lol.
  5. We haven't started a new runner's thread in a couple of weeks, thought we should check in. I have been doing really good on mileag the last few weeks, averaging 20 miles a week. Have a 5k on Saturday, ran it last year and would like to improve on my time. How is everyone else doing?
  6. I get that sometimes, there are just days when it is harder to run than others. I would agree with Texasmom, you are probably over training a bit.
  7. Texasmom, I wonder if you are adding too much too fast. I know what you mean, you want everything to get faster and better. I know those runs where it takes the whole run to feel good. Stay with it.
  8. Christa, have a great trip. Check out Runner's World, see if you can find a rave run in the area you will be visiting. K
  9. Lets get the legs running again this week. I had a really good run this morning before the rains came, ran at least 6 miles, first time in a while. Babe, great to see you back and the hear that you are able to run again, take care.
  10. Hey running buddies, I have had a good running week, mostly on the treadmill because of nasty weather. With today, I should go over 20 miles for the week, it has been a while since I ran that much in one week, feels pretty good. Texasmom: hope that you are on the mend, I am a clutz and have a fear of falling. Kanis: 45 minutes is great, I usually get my hills out on the road and work on speed on the treadmill, great job. All my other running buddies, keep it up
  11. We have had beautiful weather this weekend so I had two pretty nice outdoor runs today and yesterday. Ran for 65 minutes this morning, thats about 5.75 miles, the most I have run since my half in November. I am gradually adding miles each week. Felt pretty good, have been hungry today. Hope everyone else has a great running week. Texasmom: hope that you had a good long run, we have been having those winds too, of course you get them before we do. Happy running.
  12. Hey runners, it is a new week to add on the miles. I started my week off great with an outside run on Sunday, ran miles, haven't done that since before my Half in November. I got a pretty good run in on the treadmill last night. I am going for 5 days of cardio this week, 2 down, 3 to go. Happy running:work_out:
  13. Happy hump day fellow runners. I want to congratulate all the newer runners, running is what helped me make lifetime, it is addictive. I have had a really good exercise week so far this week, trying to do some cardio everyday to this week to crank up my exercise. Christa: I know what you mean about having a really good run one day and then have a really hard one the next, just keep at it, happens to all of us. Texasmom: you are an inspiration to all of us, another Half, I think that I am still recovering from the one I did on Thanksgiving, lol. Keep on running:exercise2
  14. Texasmom, good luck on your half this weekend, you can do it if I did. I had a good run this morning, on the treadmill, finally building my mileage back up from after my half at thanksgiving.
  15. Hey Jennifer, I had a pretty good run today. I ran on the treadmill and managed 4 miles in 47 minutes. If the weather stays nice, might run in the neighborhood tomorrow. Great job on the training. Are you training for a specific 5k. Happy running.
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