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  1. You might be thinking of Marie Callendar's pot pies.. Michelina's Lean Gourmet are in a pale blue box. Sometimes if you check the nutrition labeling on the regular brands you might find some that are workable for your program.. Tonight I picked up a Stouffer's Green pepper steak.. w/rice.. (in a red box)..and it only had 240 cals. and 4 g. fat.. roughly 4 pts.. That had to be comparable (or better) to some of Stouffer's lean cuisine numbers.. De lish!
  2. Thanks Trebora and squash.. I feel much like Trebora... I think I'm going to stick to the light.. I'll skimp somewhere else on calories and not on taste.. I know when I was growing up.. there was the miracle whip camp and the mayo camp.. To me, miracle whip tastes nothing like mayo.. And then of course there was the any old mayo camp and the Hellman's camp. I grew up with regular Hellman's... The lite works for me.. I posted this question on another forum as well.. Most did acknowledge there was a taste difference between light and reduced fat /fat free. I double checked the labels.. A serving (T.) of light is 40 calories..and a serving of the reduced fat is 20.. Regular mayo is 100.. So saving 60% is significant and to be able to keep that taste and flavor...is worth the 20 calories per tablespoon. I know some people really don't seem to notice the differences.. generic mayo's are fine for them. But mayo is one of the few things I really can tell a difference. BTW, I have no connection or stock in Hellman's! LOL!
  3. opinions please.... It took years for them to make a wonderful light mayo.. I remember back when WW came out with a FF version in the 70's.. It was horrible.. But then I'm a picky mayo person. Hellman's light works as well in recipes as the full fat version.. Today I almost bought the reduced fat version. Even lighter yet! I haven't been on the boards in awhile and wanted some feedback.. I love getting feedback about new products and new versions of products I haven't tried...but want to.. I know this has been out there awhile..but don't know anyone who used the reduced fat version. How does it taste by comparison? and work in recipes?
  4. How do they recommend cooking? Are they breaded? or a batter? I guess with the nonstick pans...It could be browned and crisped in little to no oil.. That is unless they can be done in the oven?
  5. I have been pretty happy with the Lean Gourmet line too. It is definitely alot more affordable than the other popular lines. I especially like the greek bowl one they have.. I've noticed that they have new ones coming out but I haven't seen the pepperoni pizza one yet. Will have to try it!
  6. Dietfacts.com is very comprehensive and we've been using that alot lately. It can be cumbersome to go through the pages but maybe if you have dsl it would go faster. It has a search feature and a restuarants feature. If you click on the item it will give you the nutritional label info...(just like a label) and it will also provide unofficial points. Which I checked against my calculator and it was fine so appears to be reliable. I really like this site alot.
  7. We recently found a great site called dietfacts.com ... It has scads of restuarants and I am sure that is where some of Dotties sources come from. My DH was in Pa taking care of business for his parents and had a genuine philly cheesesteak! And Some Yocco hot dogs! We had to guesstimate to some degree but the dietfacts site... did help us give a ballpark of points for the cheesesteak. You can do a search on the site...and you may get several hits for cheesesteak (or barbequed salmon as the case may be!) and average it out or take the highest! I would think barbequed salmon wasn't too bad unless it was cooked in alot of oil or butter. You can always ask the wait person how is the salmon cooked and if the fats can be reduced during cooking.
  8. What I've done many times is add the calories of the different items and the fat grams, and fiber... and then calculate. Usually it is if I am doing a recipe.. and I am reading off the labels. (But I have done it with cereal and milk for breakfast or fixing a sandwich too.) I may figure out a whole dish and then figure out points for the whole thing and then divide it into servings. It works for me! Whatever is easiest. It probably all works out in the end.
  9. tagging... I've been buying Quaker Granola Bars (the low fat) chocolate chunk kind. They are 2 points too!
  10. I have a recipe that I want to make using chicken cooked in broth, oregano, feta cheese (tossed in at end), lo/non fat italian dressing, cherry tomatoes, and of course the ziti.. (and a couple other minor ingredients.) The recipe calls for it being assembled as it is cooked.. Is it supposed to be served as a warm dish or can it be served cold? I want to include this for a family get together this weekend... and want to do as much ahead as possible. I guess if it is supposed to be warm I can reheat it before serving. Usually these type things taste better after they've had time to have the flavors blend.. So ladies, is this supposed to be a hot dish or cold dish or one of those that can go either way... and if so, which do you prefer?
  11. Hey Christina, There is a Michaelangelo's line of frozen italian products. This is called Michelina's. I don't think related. Some of the stores in my area will carry a small line of the regular products, maybe a few of the lean gourmet type, and they also have a budget gourmet line too. Some of those are point friendly too. As with anything, read the labels. You should be able to find them over near the other frozen dinner type products. They also have 'bowls' in the lean gourmet line too. I think this is what generated this thread.. although there is also another thread about the products. They are great and very affordable. Good Luck finding them..
  12. How about trying low fat mayo instead. I am picky about mayo's and find Hellman's low fat the best tasting. It might give the dressing a bit more body and 'texture' that you need. Depending on how much mayo it calls for...it may affect it's point value. Sometimes I think sacrificing a point or 2 is worthwhile in the grand scheme of a recipe and an enjoyment of a meal. I have made the envelope packets of Hidden Valley Ranch and it tastes great using 1% milk (or skim) and low fat mayo.. You couldn't tell the difference from the real thing and it was a fraction of the calories, fat and subsequently points. I have that cookbook I think... I'll look it up.. sounds like a type of buttermilk ranch. I know what you are saying about the ff dressings. I haven't found any that I 'love'. I have found a few 'lite' ones that I enjoy though. [ April 29, 2004, 04:01 PM: Message edited by: Kpw1956 ]
  13. Kpw1956

    chili powder

    I've done the same thing before.. McCormick's is a pretty trustworthy product. Some of these spices are worth spending a bit more on rather than the dollar store. I usually like to buy the spice in bulk (it's about a lb container)... at Costco or BJ's. Although my Costco used to carry the chili powder, now they don't.. Buying the larger containers just made it more economical but you still had quality. I am at least temporarily stuck buying the smaller grocery sized chili powder and I do buy McCormick's. But the largest of the grocery sized ones usually last me a year or so. I usually only use it for chili and barbeque.
  14. Even at 4 calories an ounce they are well worth the splurge of 2 points. I did see at 1 7-11 that they had the rasberry ice one...Hopefully, these become popular and they will carry other flavors too. I don't remember seeing these last year in our area. Sometimes they start things regionally to see if they will sell. I had a 28 ounce one last night and it took me an hour and a half to finish it. It lasted a long time...and satisfied that sweet craving. A definite keeper! Looking forward to trying the diet pepsi one. I used to love the cola slurpees.
  15. I tried a strawberry/kiwi crystal light slurpee yesterday from 7-11 and it was terrific! They also have diet pepsi slurpee's too! Haven't tried that yet and of course, each 7-11 will carry whatever flavor of the week or moment. It was very good and satisfying for the sweet tooth! Others who like slurpees/slushies might find it worth trying! I hope they have it in crystal light lemonade at some point.
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