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  1. This thread is really helpful to me. Great images and tactics to deal with the difficult days.
  2. My opinion is if you are ejecting the food don't worry about it. You aren't getting enough food to count it. Just eat what you can keep down and count that but don't worry about the rest while you are sick. So if all you can keep down is saltines don't eat two boxes in a day, but its ok if you get a disproportiate amount of points from them to the exclusion of other groups. Keep track of your points if you are eating a good amount of food -- otherwise wait until you are better.
  3. Oh my Gosh -- people really ask you how your husband feels about your weight loss??? Or about your intimate life??? Where is the icon for the little guy with his mouth wide open?? That has got to be the craziest thing. Then again I beleive it after some of my friends have told me what people have said to them in other situations. What has happened to peoples good sense??
  4. I think it depends on how it is asked. To say "WOW you have lost weight and you look fantastic." May be meant in a supportive way but the other person may think "Gosh did I look so bad before?" and they dont hear it the way it was intended. I think in your example your co-worker was being rude. You didn't want to give a number so to push was simply rude. But to ask initally wasn't rude if asked for the right reasons. I don't know I am not one that is easily offended either.
  5. I work late at my office some nights and having a frozen meal available is a must. I have found that the WW meals or the Healthy Choice aren't too bad as far as sodium goes. I usually get the entree only and supplement with a piece of fruit and/or a salad. I have noticed the price of a few things that went up at WalMart have come back down. My WalMart is a super WalMart and has a full range of groceries. But I agree that the grocery stores seem to put the fatty snack stuff on sale more often because its more addictive and people who are going to eat healthy will pay higher prices.
  6. Thank you so much for the link. I never thought to use it as a substitute. I love yogurt and its a better way to get some of the good stuff I need.
  7. I have been where you are and felt that frustration with being a slave to the numbers on a scale. When I didn't weigh myself though I found it easier to slip because I wasn't watching as closely. The compromise for me has to be not a daily or multiple times a day weigh in but simply once a week and go with the number. As long as I am OP then what the scale says isn't controlling my life -- I am.
  8. Again like the others have said, it depends on what you want and what you like. I won't eat some FF items because they are just not tasty. And other SF items are still very high in points because they add fat to them. I use the SF flavored creamer for my coffee because it is fewer points. I will not use the FF creamer because it has more points. Sometimes I use the FF Half and Half because its even better. -- See it just depends.
  9. I would buy one or two things that you would want at a smaller size and then one or two things that are fitting you now but not loose. Then when you go they won't be huge on you and you will have longer wear time. Size 14 is transitional for you anyway -- you don't want to buy too much if you aren't going to be it in too long.
  10. I have been where you are right now and I have just decided for myself that I don't want to be fat anymore. That is my choice. I am unhappy -- really unhappy -- with my personal appearance and my health. I can do something or not, but its only up to me. I choose to do something. I didn't put the weight on overnight and I won't loose it overnight either. But if I do my best and try then I am trying -- I would be more disappointed in myself if I did nothing. I lost a ton of weight four years ago and have over the last four years gained it all back plus a few more. I tried to restart WW several times and I just couldn't get back into the program. I hid from myself. I cannot do it any longer. I know WW is the best thing for me in the world and I need to accept its part of who I am. It is not a diet its who I am. Now I need to be true to who I am.
  11. Don't loose faith. Keep going and you will see results. I promise you will be rewarded. I was in the EXACT same situation as you and instead of giving up, I increased my rest periods, ate a little more food, and boom there is movement on the scales. In fact I went from loosing 3 pounds in 5 weeks to loosing 2 pounds in 1 week!!
  12. Good luck. I hope someday I might be brave enough to attempt a 5K or 10K race. Right now I am working on other issues. Then I will conquer that problem. I want to be a runner!!
  13. I have often wondered this myself. For me I am finding that being new to exercise I want to do what will keep me exercising. So for now I keep my heartrate at around 65 -70% of max which is technically in the lower "Fat burning" category. I will do bursts of faster running or cycling which gets my heart rate up to the 80% for "cardio excercise" as those terms are used on the machines they have at the gym. For two or three minutes at a time followed by rest periods. I find that I am -- after four weeks -- able to stretch those "cardio" periods out for a few more seconds each time and add an extra one to each workout. I do cardio five days a week for 45 minutes to an hour each time. I can feel the difference already. I am also doing weight training in different sessions everyday -- different muscle groups of course. I do appreciate the information.
  14. that is sooo good to know. I had no clue what it was and wasn't really concerned because there was no pain.
  15. I would say start now. You will feel so much better. You may not notice as much loss on the scale. (I have slowed down tremendously!) BUT I know I am getting better. My clothes feel so much looser and I am full of energy I didn't have before. It changes my whole outlook. And I know that this sounds hard to believe -- but I am craving exercise. The more I do it the more I want to do it because I LOVE how it makes me feel. I love running and playing with my kids. I like to clean my house. I just want to move all the time. I kknow in the long run the results will pay off.
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