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    Sloppy Joes

    Thanks.....I found Marietta Whole Wheat for 1 point. Made te sloppy Joes last week, they were great! The hamburger I buy is 3 points for a 4 oz serving, I used McCormick seasoning pack with 0 points, tomato pste with 0 points and water. They were great!
  2. The Kruteaz brand of low/no fat muffins is great. I have started using applesauce in place of cooking oil in the boxed mix and use either egg whites or egg beaters in place of whole eggs. All the cakes I have made have tasted really good.
  3. Try Nabisco cinnamon graham crackers
  4. Poohgirlsmom

    Sloppy Joes

    Where do you find the 1 point buns?
  5. Thanks for a great recipe. It was a huge hit!
  6. I have tried the bars but didn't like them. The graham/chocolate tasted like cardboard with chocolate. I haven't tried the smoothie's but will pick some at my weigh in on Saturday.
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