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  1. sounds yummy, how many servings?
  2. I actually thin them with water. or if I mix them with Salsa then that usually is wet enough to thin them.
  3. Birds Eye has a frozen mixed vegetables with a ginger sauce that is really good. I had some today and created my own "oriental" meal. I added brown rice and chicken, but you could just do rice. If you do soy crumbles that could be used or tofu as well. But the rice and vegies I eat alone sometimes and it is very good.
  4. crystal light and frozen fruit. NO ice needed. Can mix and match flavors of crystal light with diff fruits. Add a banana and it is a little thicker and smoother. Add splenda if you need a little sweeter. I like it just as it is. For a dairy type drink I mix FF milk and sugar free pudding a few ice cubes and a banana. Yes I like bananas.
  5. I'll take that as a yes. WEll I have already varied from this recipe. I diluted the ff refried beans with water and used it as the sauce. Put soy cheese on top with some chopped onions and recooked. Ate it with some salsa (cold) when it was out of hte oven. It was excellent. But the crust was too thick and next time I will make it much thinner. But it was very tasty. Thanks. Linda
  6. Is it ok to use self rising corn meal? I am a little confused about that. I found some self rising corn meal that you can make hoe cakes (similar to pancakes) with 2 c corn meal and 1 3/4 cup boiling water. I thought I could use this to make a pizza crust but it was too thick. So I checked the BCB sites and it seems the corn meal to water ratio tends to be 1:2 or 1:4. So I added two more cups of water and boiled it. I added Mrs. Dash spicy seasoning and some salt and pepper. Spread it on a cookie sheet, and am baking it right now. If it turns out I plan to use it as a base and add fat free refried beans, salsa, and fat free cheese then top with lettuce and tomato. I will let you know how it turns out. But the question was is it ok to use the self rising corn meal? Linda
  7. That's good. I heard a real life blonde statement. I asked a 20 yo I know "Why did you dye your beautiful blonde hair brown?" Her reply "Artificial intelligence!" Get it......I was rolling. Linda
  8. Is that experience speaking? Sound like they would taste alright. Linda
  9. 1 medium zucchini cut into 1/2 inche thick slices 1 medium tomato cut into wedges 1/2 small green pepper cut into strips 1 small onion cut into 1/4 in rings and the rings seperated 1 pkg fat free feta cheese ( I actually only used 1 ounce) 1 tbs chopped fresh oregano 1 tbsp olive oil cook and sitr zucchini, pepper, onion in hot oil in nonstick skillet on medium high til vegies are crisp tender. Stir in tomatos for about 1 minute, Add feta cheese, mix lightly serve immediately. Now this was supposed to be six servings from the original recipe but that must have been in midget standards. I have less green pepper, onion and feta, and I ate the whole thing with a boneless pork chop. Next time, I am going to grill about 3 ounces of chicken breast and add it to the vegies and eat it as my meal. This was totally core and completely delicious. I cooked my zucchini til it had that grilled look. Yummy. Linda This was taken from a kraft southbeach diet recipe sampler I have had hanging around. Just made a few slight changes.
  10. DH and I howled at this. Him being a teacher it was especially funny. Linda
  11. WW leader says yes they are core but not enough calcium in them to count as a milk serving so keep this in mind. Linda
  12. I was in Bilo looking in the yogart section was going to buy plain yogart and what to my wonderous eyes did appear???? Not not santa....but it was a gift. ww is making a smoothie (drinkable yogart) that has the core checkmark on it. 1 point if counting flex. Two flavors : strawberry and strawberry banana, I bought a 4 pack of both. Anyone else seen these? Linda
  13. Wondering how Bethibabbee is doing now on her exercise routine. Have you been able to increase any in the last 2 weeks? If not that is fine, just keep moving and you will get there... Linda
  14. does anyone have the WW version of this recipe and what the points would be for one serving? Linda
  15. thanks, I was looking for it for a fellow WW member. I will give it to her. (and might try it myself)
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