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  1. Boy do you look great! What an inspiring collection of photos. Thanks, Dee
  2. Congratulations on successfully crossing your first hurdle! Keep up the excellent work!!!! Dee
  3. UNH1982

    I made goal!!!

    Weigh to go! Dee
  4. Great job buddy I can't wait till the day that I too post those words! Dee
  5. UNH1982

    Oh My Gosh!

    Last night I actually realized that I have RIB and HIP bones It has been so long since I've seen them I forgot what it was like to look in a mirror and see the image of my bones. Dee
  6. I can't wait to plant my garden....only 2 weeks left to wait! Just remember girls....keep your melon, zucchini, pumpkin plants away from each other. Experience has taught me that cross pollination produces very STRANGE biproducts I love the grape tomatoes, one plant in a container produces thousands of lovely little snack bites Dee
  7. Way to Go Tiffany! You've inspired us all to continue the battle. Have a Happy Mother's Day, Dee
  8. My pediatrician told my mother back in 1961 that cow's milk was for calves and not humans (he was from Asia) and that he recommended finding other sources of calcium for our diet. I have never consumed a glass of milk, and dairy seems, just yuck. Go figure with all of this research, I agree, it just seems like there is research for and against most everything! PS: My bone density is excellent. Dee
  9. Tiffany, Way to go! You look great and have done a phenomenal job. Please, continue to be inspired by friends and family, you've come so far and have so much to be proud of! Dee
  10. Today I was shopping at Sam's and they were out of Skinny Cow's, so, just for the heck of it I checked out the Atkins ice cream bars (vanilla with chocolate coating) Yeee Gads :eek: Each bar has 180 cal., 16g of fat, and NO fiber. I came home and calculated each bar at a whopping 5 points each!!! I feel sorry for those that think that by buying these things, they will be able to lose weight... especially if they aren't aware of exactly what they are eating. I'll stick with my TCBY raspberry fruit bars (80 calories, .5g fat, 1g fiber) Dee
  11. Andrea, It seems as if you and I have a similar dilema. I too am 5'8" and NEVER will be a willowy person. I was a swimmer through college and have a very large, muscular frame. At 169, I will be wearing a size 8-10 (and most people would guess my weight to be around 125-130 )...like right???? My doctor said that you can't go straight by weight tables because there are many other factors to consider. Once I reach around 150, it will be very difficult to maintain anything below that...and now at my age, I can accept that. My question to you is, "Where do You feel comfortable?" Congratulations on your successes to date, and may you find your "comfort" zone! Dee
  12. UNH1982


    Congratulations! Wow, what an accomplishment. You have come a long way, you'll be looking great for summer! Dee
  13. As my mom said, "of course we wore smaller sizes, we also wore girdles from the time we were 14 or 15 too " She thinks all their undergarments prevented them from the natural spread... PS: She was a size 12 back in the 50s and weighed all of 110 lbs and 5'6"! Dee
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