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  1. lilbit


    Thank you for the Welcome buddies, you both are doing so well! Colleen, last time I was serious on WW, I lost 65lbs. i'm going to lose that plus more this time. (positive attitude... ) thanks again.
  2. lilbit


    Hi buddies, I was first a member here a long time ago (2001..and a couple of times since.), I hope that I am still welcome. I'm ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle for the first time in years. I look forward to reading your advice and accomplishments. I have a long way to go, and I am ready to start my journey with you all. Thanks for being here! Let's kick but! Carolyn
  3. You are doing marvelous and you are just beautiful! great job buddy! :bcbsalute
  4. Tiffany, Congratulations on -100 lbs. That is soooooooo wonderful!! You are such an inspiration to us here!!! I read your journal entry and I would be all over the place as well Woohoo, enjoy this! Great job buddy! :bcbsalute
  5. Congratulations on your loss, you are a beautiful lady!! Your husband does beautiful work!
  6. Tanya, you look fabulous!! Thanks for sharing I love happy bunny
  7. Well, I'm sold!! You look absolutely fantabulous!! I've had my Firm Fanny lifter and 3 tapes (cardio sculpt, body sculpt, absculpt) since just after Christmas, and after seeing your website 4 weeks ago, I pulled it out and started working it. Well, can you believe that even at my weight of 219.6, I am seeing visible results after 10 sessions? I couldn't believe it!! My stomach has tightened up a bit! I showed a friend today and she can't believe it! It is a hard workout, but well worth it! Thank you so much for sharing your site and pictures with us, you have given me hope again that it can be done, and that I can look better! Congratulations buddy! :bcbsalute
  8. Can you post when you will be on next? I missed it and would love to see it!!! Congratulations!
  9. lilbit

    Little brag here!

    That is fantastic!! :bcbsalute Congratulations!
  10. Liseli, I just picked up the magazine and you look fantastic!! And congrats on your weight loss thus far!! :bcbsalute
  11. How exciting! weigh to go buddy! :bcbsalute
  12. My leader doesn't know who has what or when, she just asks at the beginning of the meeting, "did anyone get a 5lb award, 10%, 25 etc...?" So I wouldn't feel to bad, just let her know
  13. Wow, you are looking fabulous!! :bcbsalute Weigh to go!
  14. You look absolutely Amazing!! Great job and Congrats! Thank you for the inspiration!
  15. OMG!! you look fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing with us and I mean really fabulous!!!
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