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  1. I was just at starbucks getting my regular frap and noticed some new flavors but couldn't try any because I didn't know the points thought I'd figure them out for anyone who was also wondering ALL NO WHIP Double Chocolate Chip Venti 13 Grande 10 Tall 7 Strawberries and Creme Venti 14 Grande 10 Tall 7 Toffee Nut Venti 10 Grande 8 Tall 5 Vanilla Bean Venti 11 Grande 9 Tall 6
  2. Thanks a lot, actually last night I opened up a new spreadsheet and categorized everything I'm still working on it but I'm putting all the basics on there so I can take a binder type thing with me to make it easier to find things I'll bring the books and my calculator with me, but having the things I'll typically be eating seperate will help things. I'm working on the fast food chain type restaurants now.
  3. I'm sure a lot of people here will be going on vacation this summer. I will be going to the middle eastern area for about 3 weeks, I am hoping to reach goal before I go which would have to be June 3rd hopefully I can !! lol I am just worried about mantaining it's not easy being away from home and the routine of everything point friendly. I was wondering what other people have done on their vacations mantaining and or staying OP
  4. Thanks michelle im 5'5 also so maybe things are looking up for a size 8
  5. I mentioned the gap because that's where I buy all my pants and stuff from so the size I'm going buy before WW is the same place as after and I realized a while back they run a little bigger, all stores seem to be different these days that's why I stick to one, gap and abercrombie seem to run on the same sizing, pants wise
  6. Well I went to the mall today on a mission to find this skirt I've been seeing all over the cute ones that fit around the waist and then flare out kind of? Well Anyways I went to all the cheaper stores because I am a little tight on cash but ended up finding it at the Gap, not so cheap well I grabbed a 12 because thats what size i was at the start of all this and took a 10 well the 12 was huge and the ten fit with some room to spare I was wondering if anyone has a clue I have 8.5 pounds to go and that would bring me to 135 will I be a size 8?
  7. Im sure many of u already have discovered WOW chips I always new they were healthier but until today i didn't realize just hot low in points they are 1 point per serving, 12 points for a huge bag unbelievable
  8. Well I am at my last 10.5, hopefully these will be gone by june 3rd because that's when I'm leaving for vacation. I've lost 15.5 that im proud of but these last 10.5....
  9. Lana123456


    Hey. I have the biggest craving for gyros so I was looking through Dotti's restaurants, but I couldn't find any gyros, except at Great Steak and Potato, not quiet what I'm looking for. If anyone has any idea how much gyros is like with the pita type bread and what not please let me know
  10. Hey Everyone. I was in the baking aisle at Jewel for at least 25 minutes looking at every box of cake mix..brownie mix ect. I did not find any fat free or even low fat boxes very upset. The only thing I could find fat free was brownies Krusteaz brand or something. Anyone know where I should be looking
  11. Hey Everyone, I was just wondering something, when I finally reach goal how many points should I have a day to maintain? [ March 14, 2004, 04:54 PM: Message edited by: Lana123456 ]
  12. Well the restaurant is a steak house, I don't like steak at all I actually can't even stand it lol but anyways I always look for the alternative and that's chicken for me, they only have one chicken item on the menu, the one I mentioned it should be alright, I'm going tonight reservations at 630
  13. Well I'll probably end up eating half at the restaurant, and half when I get home because I don't want to bring it over onto another day, just because I don't really like too so around 18 is what I think it is, i called the restaurant and someone answered who clearly didn't know what it is shes like 'oh yea its vesuvio' and im like whats in it and she says 'vesuvio' so there was no help there. Not a big deal 18 points is just fine with me.
  14. Hey thanks a lot, well at most I guess it would be 18? anyone else have an idea?
  15. Hey Everyone. I have something really important to ask anyone that can help, I've saved up all my FP for Friday, we're goin out for dad's bday dinner, well I finally got the menu from 94 West and this is the only chicken thing on there. Does anyone know an approximate points value for this. Chicken Breast- 14 oz. Grilled Marinated Boneless Breast, Vesuvio Style
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