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  1. at some of the publix's they are with the atkins breads or low carb bread rack if not ask the baker they seem to know whether or not they carry them!!!
  2. ang61601


    natures own 100% whole whaet bread is 2 slices for 1 pt! much heartier than the light breads, and the same points!
  3. I live in pembroke pines, but i was at the publix in davie on stirling in hollywood, they were in the bakery on their own little stand! I would imagine that all the publix's will have them now if not soon!!
  4. i live in south fl and they have western bagels now at publix!! yay!!
  5. i just came from publix and bought lukes sugar free ice cream its only 35 cal per 1/2 C so i count 1 c as 1 point!! i bought coffee flavor and it is really good! they also have van, choc, staw, even butter pecan!!
  6. Does anybody know how many points cooked lentils are? I know that 1/4 C dry is 1 pt I was just wondering if it was the same cooked! please help!
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