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  1. What do you say when you are doing well with your weight loss and others decide to give you advice? My MIL has been very obese for the last 30 years or more. She yo-yo diets on the latest fads constantly. She has been kinda following South Beach/Atkins but only loses a few pounds and gains it back soon after. I did WW about 5-6 years ago and went off program when I was expecting my 3rd child (born Feb. '06) I successfully lost 40 or so pounds before the pregnancy. I gained it all back with the pregnancy and after. Our Life has been chaos the past few years with moving, job changes etc. I am finally back on track and losing again. She hasn't said anything yet but I know she will. She & FIL both like to nag me on what I eat and tell me how I need to do these other programs, don't eat bred, no carbs, etc. I am not a big meat eater and they pick at me about that too. Eating lots of meat makes me feel bad. I need some nice, polite zippy things to say to basically tell them to lay off, I'm doing fine with the program I'm following. They like to keep on and on until I finally get mad at them. They also try to talk me into going off program when we go out to eat or on vacation (the whole family goes on vacation together in the summer). Very frustrating!
  2. Thanks CW! I had googled and kept finding hostess and other filled cupcake info. I got frustrated and knew someone here could help!
  3. Suzanne B


    I'm trying to figure out the points for a chocolate store bought cupcake and not having any luck. Can someone help with the nutrition info? Thanks!!
  4. Looks like I'm walking alone this week. I took the day off yesterday but am back at it today. Gotta get a few things going around here and then jump on the treadmill.
  5. Whew...just got off the treadmill. 40 minutes...2.203 miles!
  6. ok...did some thinking this morning while on the treadmill and came up with an exercise plan...last week I went for 30 minutes / 1.5 miles M-F (missed one day) so this week I'm bumping it up...35-40 minutes & aim for 1.75-2 miles. I'm thinking I'll try to bump it up about 5 minutes or so a week until I hit 60 minutes daily and then work on speed/distance. So with that exercise focus I'm pushing water and journaling too this week. I'd better see a loss on the scale Friday!!! Today I really pushed it (speed set at 3.8 for a while in the middle of the walk) and did 40 minutes...2.281 miles
  7. Peg...glad to hear your mom came though surgery well! Here's to a speedy recovery! Dardee...WTG on the walking. Sorry to hear about your back though! Can you tell yet if the ab lounger works? I had thought about one of those a whie back but couldn't tell if it would really work. Got my walking done today. 30 minutes / 1.57 miles. Hoping to do Pilates later today. Had a crazy day yesterday and didn't get my exercise done.
  8. WTG Chris and Peg! I ended up doing 30 minutes of Crunch Pilates last night before bed in addition to the walking I did earlier in the day. {{{Peg}}} I hope all goes well with your mom! Going to get my walking in sometime today...gotta get a vet appt for one of my cats first and see if I have time to walk before I have to go or if it will have to wait until this afternoon.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good pregnancy exercise video? We're planning to TTC (#3) soon and I'd like to get your thoughts on pregnancy exercise videos...there are a lot out there!
  10. WTG Peg! Just got my walking in for the day...1.75 miles / 35 minutes. I listened to a Radio Disney CD while walking. I didn't have a good album put together and DS's Radio Disney CD has some songs I liked (from the radio) with good beats for walking so I grabbed it. The time flew by until the last little bit! Now to get my water in for the day!
  11. Had a crazy weekend and didn't get exercise in like I wanted to. BUT I got ont he treadmill today. I'm basically starting over so my times and distances are low right now. Did 31.25 minutes / 1.5 miles. I had planned on 30 minutes but was so close to 1.5 miles I just kept going till I hit it. I channel surfed while walking. Couldn't find anything worth watching and none of the music channels had music on.
  12. Everyone is welcome! Just post what you've done when you get a chance. I've not gotten on the treadmill yet. Ended up with a headache that's borderlining on migrane. I do plan to get on there at least 15-20 minutes before I go to bed tonight though!
  13. OK ladies...where are you?!?? I've been sick for a couple of weeks but am on the mend (I hope!) and am getting back on track starting today! Lets go ladies! Tayna...Carmen...Karen...any others that want to join in...lets get moving!!! :walking: :race: I'll be back later after I get some things done and get my walking done to post what I've done for the day.
  14. Just did 15 minutes / 0.7 miles. That's all I have time for now. Have a sick DH that I have to take to the doc shortly but will try to get back on the treadmill later and get more time in. At least I've done something today even if I don't make it back on.
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