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  1. It's definitely about the small steps, Carol. I'm reminded again how multi-layerd, multi-faceted, the subject of food can be. Building the small steps, definitely. Good idea about keeping only healthy foods in the house, Kimberley. Maybe, it would work to accept that my knee jerk is to eat when emotional and not go for the unhealthy stuff. Acceptance. I keep thinking I'll get to the bottom of why I stuff and maybe someday I will, but accept that in the interim I've got to stop with the unhealthy foods. My kids bake a lot. I love that they like to bake and resent that I don't have the internal resources to leave the baked stuff alone. My family (sibs, mom) think I'm depriving them by asking them not to bake. Then, I think about what OA would say--you wouldn't tempt a diabetic by keeping goodies in the house if you knew they were tempted by the goodies. Two weeks left till my kids go back to school and as I sit here at the keyboard, I hear them going at it. I wonder if they think yelling at each other helps them get the job of organizing their tackle boxes accomplished any quicker? Sigh. Time to go have a carrot. (just kidding)
  2. I love this thread! I l read McDougall's books about 20 years ago and while I knew his WOE was THE way, I found it too restrictive. Too restrictive for one who feels the need to stuff emotions with food. I continue to work on the whys of this and when I have periods of time where I can eat the McDougall way, I grab them. The lovely summer produce sure helps. I cut up many cukes from the garden, lemon, asian, kirby and we snack on them. Isn't it something? If the healthy food is set out, all ready to eat....they get eaten! Our Chinese long beans are coming on; can't wait to bbq them. For those of you who want more on the subject, check out Dr. Pam Popper--she has lots of good things to say. I've got a busy day studying anatomy, not really looking forward to it. I've devised a plan: I'll study for awhile and "treat" myself by allowing myself to read a few pages of this thread during my break. Tatortot, welcome back and so glad to hear you're doing well.
  3. I'll get some mileage off of this, Teg, thank you for your insight. Maybe, just maybe it's as simple as paying attention, staying aware and turning it over. Just think about this meal (while having a plan, of course) and the rest of the meals and days can take care of themselves.
  4. Carol, this speaks to me....volumes. I'm a sensitive person and my "knee jerk" has been to anesthetize with food. I've been doing it for so long because it really does work....if I want to be anesthetized. I'm beginning to learn that I don't. Having the awareness is the first step. Sometimes, I've anesthetized and afterward I wonder how it happened; it happens so fast and I do it without thinking. Each time I have a success not anesthetizing gives me confidence. Breathe. It can be done. Good for you for feeling your feelings. It sounds as it had positive results for more than just you. Now that's success.
  5. Years & years ago, DH went to "chef school" and worked in the industry. He is a genius with a knife because of all the practicing they had him do. I've picked up techniques from him over the years to where I enjoy chopping and dicing, even finely. It's pretty easy to learn to do.....(can you tell I'm not into gadgets? ) I do have the Rosle garlic press that WS sells and would heartily recommend one to everyone--it's the very best.
  6. Toby's Tofu pate is really yummy!
  7. Mary, thank you so much for taking the time to try the maple syrup and reporting back here. I wouldn't have taken the time to experiment and now that it has the properties of "less sweet & no artificial sweeteners", I've got something to work with. Maybe less maple syrup, more H20 & some stevia drops? Anyway, at some point I will try to make some changes, but this is a most excellent start. Thanks again!
  8. For me it was a mind shift that took some time--running out to the nearest fast food place or pizza place was fast, but not healthy. My decision to eat healthier foods ruled out the aforementioned places. Then, I felt overwhelmed for awhile. Little by little, I'd remember to cook extra of what I was making for dinner so I'd have something healthy to grab for lunch. Soon I was able to muster up the courage to try something different--bulgur, perhaps. As I did this, my tastes began to shift--barley really does taste good! I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's been a process. It was a process becoming less hungry, too. When I first started Core, I couldn't seem to get full. Now the core foods are satisfying and filling. And I remember to pull a chicken from the freezer and cook it so I have some protein to go with the extra grains from last night's dinner. Hang in there--remember: baby steps are okay so long as you're being honest with yourself!
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm here and I'm on Core--I love Core, so long as I keep away from (insert gloomy, dark, organ music here) my nemesis, sugar. And, away I continue to keep! I'm not so good in the exercise arena. I've got excuses and good ones, at that. So? I need to can the excuses and just do it. I'll report back with how I've done it, soon. I just read recently, again, how good exercise is for our bones. I'm consumed with my Chemistry class and all of my regular duties. Summer sure flew by fast. The kids are in bed, kitchen is clean & it's time to study.
  10. Carol, I have no experience in this area, but I wanted to wish you well and to commend you for taking care of yourself.
  11. Congratulations!! Your little one is so adorable! I sure can relate to the balancing act of life. It feels so good when it is all aligned.
  12. Hi Kimberley, I remember you!! Many congratulations to you on your successes! This is a really big deal! :salut:salut Stick with being a SAHM for as long as you can--that's my unsolicited advice. My boys are getting older & it's time for me to go back to school so I can help DH later on down the line and college for 3-- Granted, we've got about 6 years before the first 2 boys go, but judging by how fast the last 12 have gone--one class per semester should get me there just in time. Welcome to Core!
  13. Good afternoon, everyone! I'm finally finding my Core-groove which is easy to do with all of the lovely fruits & veggies available this time of year. I have discovered that the more of the f & v that I eat, the less bloated I feel and the less hungry I am--I love it! Over the years, I would hear women say that they ate salad for lunch and got full. I never could understand that. I could never feel full from salad! Last winter I was in my first good Core-groove and I finally had that experience! I got full from salad! It is possible. I let that Core-groove go and I was the lowest weight I'd been in 10 or so years--darn. This time around, I intend to cherish my hard work and not toss it aside. Welcome to BCB, Tara and congratulations on your new baby!
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