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  1. Does anyone have any recipes for spaghetti squash that you would use with a sauce instead of pasta. We already steam and pull the squash out and springle garlic powder and pepper flakes on it to eat. But now we are thinking there might be some good sauces that are low fat and light for this veggie. Thanks for any suggestions you might have tried. thanks Jim
  2. Jima53

    Wii Fit

    I am very interested in what people think o f the Wii system also. My wife and I enjoy doing things together and this might get us a bit more active.
  3. I recieved a birthday reminder from the BootCamp Buddies website this morning. What a great wake-up call for me. I had been thinking about coming back home here and reading and posting but just didn't get off my butt and do it. This also coincides with my getting lazy about counting my foods and points although I've been successful since I started in april. Such a simple email that most probably take for granted and it was what I needed. Thank you everyone for this jolt to reality. Jim
  4. I know its easy to look at the online list but I try to figure out the points off the package. We always use the frozen filets of Tilapia from Sams club and it has the values on it.
  5. I always have some sort of snack around 9pm. Most times it is a Ww ice cream bar. Then I get water after this until its bedtime.
  6. I need to have my coffee every morning black with sweetner and again in the evening after work. I do believe the liquid does count toward your water total for the day.
  7. Hello Everybody. I'm relatively new to this webiste although it shows I did register years ago. I'm a treadmill person but with work and schedules I'm lucky to get on it for a half hour walk. I'm hoping to increase that as my weight drops a bit more.
  8. I am seriously thinking about buying the complete Wii and also want some of the games. I like to do my games on my pc built for that purpose but want to get my wife interested in more activity. We would enjoy the head to head competition but in a friendly fashion, we do have a lot of fun in card games. Did you buy one and then slowly stop using it. Are you satisfied with your console and continue using it. I'm very interested in what older people might say as we are both in our late 50's and need to come up with some low impact exercise besides the treadmill and stationary bike. Thanks for any opinions you might have on this subject.
  9. Due to my work schedule and home chores I have very little time for walking in the neighborhood. Also adding in the high temps and humidity keeps me inside also. Fortunately I have a really good treadmill that I am starting to use again. Walking is such a powerful thing when you think about it. I once walked 450 miles in 31 days on a long backpacking trip when I was much much younger.
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