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  1. This recipe is great! I make it with just the chicken, onion soup mix, and the mushroom soup (I don't care much for actual mushrooms or sour cream) and it turns out great too! (less points without the sour cream anyways!)
  2. I made this last night and absolutely loved it! Didn't put the extra mushroom in (not a big fan) but it was very tastly regardless! This is definately a keeper. Thank you for posting!
  3. Hey Buddies! I stepped on the scale this morning to discover that I'm halfway to my personal goal! Hoorah! I've been getting a little frustrated the past few weeks... I was loosing pretty consistently and then hit a plateau where I stayed the same or lost like .2 pounds. I know that a loss is still a loss (and not a gain!) but it was getting frustrating to be staying TOP and not seeing my "normal" results... (usually around 1 - 1.5 pounds per week) But now I'm halfway there! Hooray for me!
  4. WOW WOW WOW WOW! You are an inspiration to us all! Keep up the good work!
  5. Thank you! I know it sounded like a silly question but I wanted to make sure...
  6. This may seem like a silly question... but when I figure out the points on different foods I eat that are not on the list, am I supposed to round off the answer? If so, up or down? Do normal rounding rules apply? (like... if it's 2.6 points round down to 2 or up to 3?) Thanks!
  7. I love that the smaller you get, the bigger your smile is. Keep it up! You look amazing!
  8. Congratulations! You look amazing!
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