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  1. Thanks for the info! I checked on meeting times for this area and they are held when I am at work. I contacted a friend who still goes to WW meetings and can get the info from her.
  2. I called this morning and was very dismayed by what I learned. If you purchased WW at home BEFORE May, you cannot buy an upgrade. You have to pay ANOTHER $100 to buy another kit you already have in order to get the new info. That REALLY stinks! The "helpful" sales associate I talked with told me to go join a group in my area and then get the info from them. If I had wanted to join a group I wouldn't be doing WW at home in the first place! I teach five days per week and two nights per week and have study that I attend on another night. I don't want yet another night (if there is even a meeting when I'm not at work) taken up. WW really needs to rethink some of this "policy" on upgrades. I bought my kit in Feb. and don't want to dump another $100 to get the exact same kit with just the Core plan being the only difference. It almost seems as though WW is discouraging people from "at home".
  3. Thanks for this update! I eat REALLY healthy and it sounds like the CORE list is what I am already eating. How freeing it would be NOT to have to count EVERY SINGLE point all day long, day in and day out. I don't often use more than half my flex points so this might work for me. How do you figure APs in with this program or do you???
  4. I am between 5'4" and 5'5". I look at my weight and think it sounds incredibly too much, but I'm sort of between the small side of size 12 and the upper end of a size 10 (if that makes sense!). I haven't bought any new clothes recently. I spent years doing serious weight lifting (I could squat over 170lbs. and leg press over 350 lbs. for about 10 reps, 3 sets). I don't do THAT much weight lifting any more, but I believe I'm probably much more muscular than an average woman. The doctor who treated me while I was in grad school had a husband who was a body builder. We talked at length about weight issues and she told me that if I ever got to be 140 lbs. she would consider me thin for my frame and physical condition (i.e. muscle mass, etc.) I think that would make me about a size 8 and I think I'd be happy with that. Actually, having spent the first 20+ years of my life overweight, I'm not certain that I will ever consider myself "thin" regardless of what I weigh. As for switching meals, I used to work out more in the afternoons so I ate a bit more in the evenings. Because of my schedule, I now work out early mornings. I eat the same thing for breakfast each day because it keeps me full AND I have found my blood sugar stays stabilized. (I sometimes have problems with it being low.) Lunch has to be a protein bar at least three days per week because I teach straight through lunch with only 10 minutes for a break. I have a much more rigorous schedule this semester, so there are certain things that are not even an option in regard to lunch at this point. This summer I was home more and had much more flexibility about when and how I ate.
  5. Thanks for the kind words, Katie! I wasn't always healthy. Ten years ago, I weighed 242 pounds. I'm about 90 pounds thinner now. I had ALWAYS been overweight and a decade ago I made to make a total lifestyle change. I have been on a journey since then eating healthier and healthier and reaching new points of fitness by working out religiously. My cholesterol has been good for years (135-145), but after this recent reworking of my eating, workout routines and weight loss, my cholesterol is now 106, my blood pressure averages 110/60 (at times up to 110/70) and I have a resting heart rate around 60. I have battled hypothyroidism for 25 years (since age 11) and a few years ago began to battle ulcerative colitis (when it randomly decides to come out of remission). I'm a college professor who stays very busy, and I decided that I wanted to be as healthy as possible so I could give myself the best chance of doing well with the few health issues I have. It IS possible to be healthy (even though I'm not really THIN) even though it may seen like a long, arduous battle. You are doing great with your choice of workout programs and all the weight loss you've already seen---keep up the great work! (And remember that I've been working at this for a decade, so I've had ALOT of practice getting to this point.)
  6. Great info, Katie! Thanks for posting that!! It's been a few years since I worked with a trainer (who was a professional bodybuilder with a doctoral degree in exercise!), but you are right about those people being fat burning machines!! They typically have under 10% body fat and eat like ravenous animals. LOL I, too, try to eat a bit of protein and a slight amount of fat (like 2 points of peanuts) before working out. I often have an apple or 2 point piece of protein bar after my workout and then try to eat a meal within an hour or 90 minutes. Oh yes, I agree breakfast is a must! I sometimes feel like I "graze" all day though. I often wonder if others do that. I have like a 4 pt. breakfast, then a couple hours later, I have two points (usually an apple/other fruit and maybe 1pt of peanuts). Then a couple hours later I eat maybe 4-5 point lunch. Then a couple hours later I have a smalll snack of 1-2 (especially if I'm working out in the afternoon--which my schedule is forcing me into only morning workouts now). Then I have a small snack after working out in the afternoons. I eat dinner usually no more than 5-8 points, followed by a couple 2 point snacks at various times before I go to bed. I am a bit of a "nightowl" so I'm usually up late enough that I need a couple tiny snacks like lowfat cottage cheese and something else. I also have found this "grazing" has really helped in combatting low blood sugar. That is something I have dealt with intermittently for many years and now have episodes MUCH less frequently. It sounds as though you are doing GREAT with you workout program. I lost 60+ pounds doing cardio and weights several years ago and have managed to keep it off. I really believe the weight training is a key in optimizing your metabolism, along with the cardio. I looked at your stats and was really impressed!
  7. I already went to the WW website today, but there are no other options listed for purchasing "at home" info other than the kits that were available when I ordered months ago. I can find very little info available on the whole website on this new program, actually. I'll try calling and see what is available.
  8. I have read some comments on the board so I have a general idea about the new plan. I do WW at home because of my schedule, and my question is "How do I get information on the CORE plan?". I paid a lump sum of money just a few months ago for all the info and supplementary books on FLEX points, but I've never again heard from WW about a new plan. I don't want to have to pay another chunk of money for all the exact same materials just to get the one extra they've added---the Core plan. I think I am already eating the sorts of healthy choices the plan advocates as I don't waste points on junk food and always focus on fish, fresh fruits and vegs, and whole grains.
  9. I've been amidst this sodium dilemma lately, as well. I eat mostly fresh foods and never salt anything in an attempt to keep my intake to a minimum. Drinking enough water will definitely help, but I believe it only works to a point. There are days when I drink as much as 16 8oz. glasses of water and it has never flushed out all the fluid I was retaining. My body seems to retain water VERY easily and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it releases it. As a matter of fact, I was doing some reading not too long ago that says too much water can cause your body to stay waterlogged. (duh!) My doctor recommended that I not intake more than about 10 glasses per day although I still do) because she said it IS possible to consume too much water. I checked this out with a couple of other health professionals and they concurred. The reason she mentioned this is that I was asking about water consumption and she commented that there is a disorder that sometimes accompanies certain forms of schizophrenia in which people will drink ALOT of water per day. She had hospitalized someone just that week who had been drinking way too much per day and had flushed out enough sodium and potassium that it had affected the electrolyte levels in the body (this regulates things like heart rate!). I think the primary thing is to be sensible and watch your sodium intake as much as possible and get at least the recommended WW intake of water.
  10. I'm there with you, Lori! I want to lose about 15 more pounds and I've been stuck here for what seems like forever. I posted on another thread earlier today outlining my workout and eating routine to see if I am doing something wrong. Even at 15 pounds thinner, I will still be at the higher end of my recommended height/weight scale. However, I work out (alot!) and weight train and have been doing so for a decade, so I'm much more muscular than an "average woman". I sometimes wonder if the weight goals we set for ourselves isn't more about numbers than assessing what is truly healthy for us. I despise charts because none of them take into account muscle mass and overall fitness/health. There aren't any bodybuilders that would fit into a typical chart, yet most of them have well under 10% body fat. That being said, I don't have an answer for your (or my) dilemma. Aside from a bit more exercise if you can work it in, I don't really have any other suggestions. I've wondered if they body simply gets to a place where it is the right weight for you (since we ALL are different) and that's not what we envisioned so we spend a ton of emotional, physical and mental effort fighting with our bodies. Anyone else have thoughts on this??
  11. Thanks for the encouraging words, ladies. Girlinmotion--You listed some really good suggestions. I am varying my food intake. My high day last week was 33 and my low day was 26. That's why my average is around 28. I have indeed added different exercises as I mostly spent a few years exercycling, stairstepping and biking. I don't do the same exercise two days in a row and I've added new things just in the past few months. I have a number of different step aerobics tapes, FIRM tapes, an elliptical trainer, a stair machine, an exercycle, a complete weight training system and a treadmill in my home so I could stop spending outrageous fees for the gym. I vary my weight training by doing only lower body or upper body and also varying the way I approach the training exercises. I do have hypothyroidism and take meds, but I just had that checked again a few weeks ago and everything was fine. Matter of fact, my cholesterol was 106, my BP is low and I'm in excellent health, aside from battling occasional bouts of ulcerative colitis when it comes out of remission. Yes, I have been under immense stress because an incompetent colleague has made a huge mess that got dumped on me to clean up this semester. I bought 2 new WW cookbooks about 6 weeks ago and have been trying new recipes every week. With all the effort, that's why I am puzzled about being stuck at this weight. I'd be a bit afraid to take an entire week off from working out. Honestly, it helps me manage my stress level. I also have a few hobbies that give me a bit of diversion. I am tied up most days and nights, so meetings aren't much of an option and I'm also not a "joiner". I know what you mean about finding a WW buddy, it does help. I correspond with a WW buddy online. I've lived so many places throughout all my years in college that my closest friends now live hours away from me. The people I come in contact with are mostly students and colleagues. My hubby is supportive but he eats ANYTHING he wants and never gains weight, so he does not understand what this is like. The friends I'm in regular contact with try to be supportive, but most of them wouldn't even consider working out and eating the way I do regardless of how much weight they might need to lose. Honestly, some of them consider this nothing short of weird. LOL So, if I increase my food intake, should I be trying to eat most of my FP and all of my AP per week?? I eat all my AP already, but have been eating an average of just over half my FP.
  12. I began WW at home 27 weeks ago. As of my lowest weight last week, I had 8 pounds to go to reach my goal (maybe 15 to reach my personal goal). However, for the past couple months, I've lost virtually no weight (less than 3 pounds in almost 10 weeks!). I weigh everyday so that I can track ups and downs and look at averages. Here's what I am doing: My TP is 22. I workout six days a week, sometimes 7, doing high intensity cardio. I've been working out every day for almost a decade so I'm in good shape. I do a minimum of 35-60 minutes and I also do weight lifting usually a couple days a week. When I lift, I lift until I exhaust the muscles and spend a couple days recovering before I can lift again. I average 24-26 AP per week. I've never eaten more than maybe 21-24 FP. I weighed the lowest last week (153.5), yesterday was 156 and today was 158! What on earth is going on?? I've seen swings but not quite THIS drastic. It's not TOTM, although I retain water very easily any time. Could I be gaining weight?! The past couple weeks I've worked out extra hard (27-28 AP) and eaten only about 19 FP. I've read through "how to break a plateau" and am doing most all those things. YES, I count and journal every bite of food I eat (even if it is ONE cracker). I drink a minimum of 12-13 8oz.glasses of water per day and usually a couple diet sodas (they are my one indulgence but have low sodium). I don't add salt to anything and watch my sodium intake carefully. I get a minimum of 5 fresh fruits/veggies per day. I weigh/measure everything and still check the pointsfinder for everything I eat. I eat virtually nothing prepackaged, everything is fresh. I basically eat no meat aside from fish. I don't "waste" points on junk food (no potato chips, no regular ice cream, no cookies and no candy). I eat only fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, some dairy and some fish. I eat out VERY seldom because it's much easier to monitor EXACTLY every bite I eat if I prepare it myself. I am trying to add a little more fat to my intake. My only real sources are peanuts and reduced fat peanut butter. I feel so discouraged right now. As of my lowest weight, I had almost 22 pounds, but as of today it's more like 17. I have been averaging around weighing 155-156 so I've probably lost at least 20, but hardly ANY of it in the past two months. I'm SO DISCOURAGED right now. Should I eat more or less?? I do eat my AP, which means that even if I eat only about 3 FP per day, I'm eating around 27-29 points on average. Some days I do eat as much as 33. Classes have just started (I'm a college professor) and my schedule is really busy. I teach 5 days per week and 2 nights per week. I feel as though my body has just conspired against me. I resent working out until I feel as though I'm about to drop, never touching a bite of food that I shouldn't/eating a bite of anything that isn't super healthy (I do miss pizza sometimes and a few other foods I used to really enjoy) and STILL seeing no results on the scale in months (and even a weight GAIN all week). Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Obviously, I need to rework the plan or try a different one if this one no longer works for me because it is emotionally exhausting expending this much effort and seeing no results. Suggestions?? Less food? (I'd thought of trying to cut back to 22 pts. per day and no more, but I sometimes struggle with low blood sugar and am a little concerned about doing that since I work out so much each day.) More food? More exercise?? (My problem at this point is time--I'd have to work out twice per day and that's not possible at least a couple days per week).
  13. There are different versions of the gazelle, so I think it depends on which one you have as to how well you like it. I have a Gazelle Freestyle, which has no way of adjusting tension and such on the legs or arms. I used it for a while when I bought it about a year or so ago. It's okay if I want to do just a light intensity workout, but the last time I used it, I was moving as fast as I possibly could move and I never even broke a sweat after working out over thirty minutes. That's when I decided it was not nearly enough of a challenge. Let me say though, that I have been working out rather intensely every day for almost a decade. It's much more of a challenge for me to find good workout and equipment for home use that really give me a great workout than it used to be because I increasingly get in better shape. I've seen gazelles that have adjustable tension and I think I would like those much better because they would likely give a much more intense workout.
  14. I have about 6 or 7 of the tapes, along with the fanny lifter, sculpting stick and a wide array of hand weights. I do a number of different things, so I usually work a FIRM tape into my routine about once a week. I don't feel that I burn as many calories with the FIRM as I do in some of my other really intense cardio routines even though I add more cardio to teach tape and I typically lift more weight than what is used on the tapes. I like to burn as many calories as possible, so that's why I tend to do more of other cardio exercises. Also, I really push myself when I do the FIRM and am typically so sore that I am unable to do any more weight training for at least a couple days afterward. I think the FIRM tapes are great for toning and sculpting and if I were at my ideal weight, I would probably do them more often. Right now, I'm trying to burn max calories during my workouts.
  15. Does anyone use wrist or ankle weights (or both) when working out? Obviously, as we lose weight, it takes more time to achieve the same number of activity points as it did when we were heavier. I typical do a high intensity workout every day, but wanted to kick my calorie burning up a notch and tone even more. SO, I bought ankle weights AND I hold 6 lbs. of dumbells while doing step aeorbics, etc. I am assuming that by strapping on extra weights, that I then calculate APs based on the my weight WITH the extra weights. Does this make sense? After doing this for a few days, I can say that it DEFINITELY makes my workout quite a bit more difficult and technically the extra weight requires just as much effort as if it were fat on your body. Anyone else doing this?
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