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  1. another quick question... if you do WW online, can you still become a lifetime member? will you have to go to a meeting to verify that you've reached your goal weight? i was thinking of doing the progam online since i travel for work and i know that reaching lifetime would be a great incentive.
  2. woo-hooo! you look GREAT! you can totally see ur collar bones in the new pics! :bcb_grin
  3. wow!! thanks for posting! you look beautiful!
  4. you look WONDERFUL buddy! i am not brave enough to post my own NASTY id pics! lol
  5. wow -- what a difference! you look wonderful!
  6. Great job!!! You must be VERY proud with your achievement!
  7. YAY!!! I am sure you look GREAT!!! Way to Go!
  8. good job!!! just shows you are working hard! :bcb_march
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