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  1. Wow Peggy!! I have to get busy. I need to start getting active. I appreciate your example. God bless. Fluffy:salut
  2. Congratulations Trish!! How exciting!! Encore!! Fluffy:bcb_bravo
  3. Oh my goodness Ginaki!!!! I am so excited for you!! You are what BCB is all about. Congratulations and keep on keeping on. God bless you now and always. Your friend and fellow BCB, Fluffy:bcb_bravo
  4. Linda, wish I could help. I know for sure if you are doing simply filling, you are still able to use your 49 weekly points for items not fitting into simply filling. I'm slightly leaning toward simply filling because I'm going to a conference this weekend. Power foods in simply filling keep you satisfied. Take care. Fluffy:salut
  5. Fluffy101

    Almond Milk

    Cheryl, I get almond milk, unsweetened, to shave my points down. It's very good with my cereal and steel cut oats.I just bought a new carton. Fluffy:bcb_smile
  6. Well, I went to the club and exercised for 105 minutes today. I was watching a movie and time got away from me. I was telling my Delta Force about it. Well Peggy, this should help me with my eating and program. Fluffy
  7. Well, I went to the club and was on the treadmill for 70 minutes today. I also walked in the store for approximately 40 minutes. Peggy, you are an inspiration to me. Thank you. Fluffy:bcb_up
  8. Shelli, welcome to you too. I'm so glad you are joining us. I, too had lost a tremendous deal of weight and got complacent slipping back into old ways. I allowed this to happen but I don't have to allow this old path of self destruction to continue. Hang in there buddy. A wonderful healthy way of life is ahead of you. Fluffy:salut
  9. Thanks Supe! I will remember all the helpful tips you gave me. You're proof that the program works. Always, Fluffy:salut
  10. I'm so glad to see your post nelzer. You are no longer alone. You are one of us now and you have truly taken an extremely important step. Just hang on and don't give up, no matter what. Always, Fluffy:bcb_march
  11. Well, I am down 0.6 but am still lacking in the exercise dept. Peggy, you are right. Even one little thing, one change is all that needs to happen to spur me on in this journey. I am grateful for your posts. Fluffy
  12. Congratulations on your weight loss helenaw. It's great having you at bootcamp. Grab a water and join in. Always, Fluffy
  13. Hello nelzer! Welcome home. I do attend meetings because I feel I need the extra support and accountability. I love BCB and came here back in February of 2001. I made lifetime after losing over 100 pounds but got complacent. I stopped posting here, stopped going to meetings, stopped doing what I needed to do. Guess what? I gained weight. I am not like everybody. I am an emotional eater. Therefore, I believe the 360 plan takes behavior components into consideration along with teaching me to count points, eat nutritiously, and live a healthy lifestyle. Nelzer, I hope you place yourself first and realize you are worth this effort. Grab a water and join in buddy. Whether you go to meetings or not, you can do this. Fluffy:salut
  14. Well, I know I need to get busy and get active but the closest I got to that was walking in the mall a couple dys ago and moving at work yesterday (worked a double). Peggy, where are you?
  15. Supe, congratulations on maintaining lifetime at goal for 6 years. In a world that is overun with obesity and poor lifestyles, the life timers at goal are testimony of what happens when you live a healthy lifestyle. I am an example of a lifetime member who became complacent, not caring anymore, and went back to my old ways of eating. This was pure insanity. Thank God you are able to say it is your 6th anniversary. Congratulations! Fluffy:bcb_bravo
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