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  1. Happy Saturday Morning, It is sunny here this morning. Dh is starting to work on some unfinished projects around the house. I am going to go through our books and take some to the library for their fundraiser before they close @ noon. Making a big pot of medium spicy chili & enjoying the rest of the day. Hope you all have a great weekend. Wendy
  2. Good Morning Friends, Congratulations!!! WAY TO GO!! How wonderful to be on the other side of 1-5-0! I love your wise and insightful post. Thank you for those thoughts. It really helps to put things in perspective. Trisha~ Contratulations on having a positive doctor appointment. I am glad that you like her. I need to make my yearly appointment now and get that out of the way before the year is over. Cheryl~ I too am an emotional eater. Had a little incident already this morning and I should have just come on here, but I went to the box of mini d*****. My little fella smashed a couple in his dads recliner just for fun so as I was cleaning them up I grabbed a great cup of coffee and well. Done now and over it. Back up on the wagon now. Judy~ I would love to go to Hawaii. DH was there when he was in the military and stationed on Guam. I am glad that you had a great time. Soya~ We get a discount starting today at work on all food items as well as the things we usually can buy discounted. I am going to plan some meals out and stock up on healthy foods from now until January 3rd. I am going to keep track of the savings as it is always on the bottom of the receipts. It will be kinda neat to see just how much we can save. Have a great day all of you Wonderful Ladies!! Wendy
  3. Good Morning Friends, Last day of work this week. I am so excited to be home and able to get some things done the rest of the weekend. Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers for our relative. I am sure that he is gathering strength knowing that so many people are praying for all of them. Have a great day! Wendy
  4. Good Morning, I have a little extra time this morning as I don't have to be to work until 10am, it is my 10-7 day. The boys are off to school. Cayden is happily watching Dora the Explorer with Diego soon to follow. I need to get a chicken dish in the crockpot so that the men all have something to eat when they get home. My shower is going to feel so good this morning. The mammogram went well. They did not call so everything must be fine. We just got word from my husbands cousin that her husband's cancer is back. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a year ago this week and has underwent intense chemo and radiation. Last week his abdomen started to get distented and they ended up tapping 4 liters of fluid off and the report came back cancer. Please pray for him and for their family. They have two little ones 6 & 1-1/2 yr old. I had better scoot. I just love this awesome group of women. Have a great day, Wendy:bcb_wink3
  5. Good Afternoon Friends, It is sunny & beautiful outside today. I had a mammogram @ 10am and it was so much quicker than last years as they have a new digital machine. Cayden and I are just relaxing and going to take a little nap this afternoon. There is wrestling practice starting tonight for the middle two boys today. The high school practices started last night. We also have one parent teacher conference tonight. I am kind of tired just thinking about it. Have a great rest of your day all. Cheryl~ I could not stay up nor could I wake up to watch the meteor shower either. Wendy
  6. I am here. It is really late though almost 11pm (okay so not really really late.) Is anyone getting up between 1am and dawn to watch the meteor shower? I am considering it. I hate to miss those things, but will most likely be snoozing. Be back in the morning. Cheryl~ I like your title just fine. It is a keeper. Wendy
  7. Hello Friends, Getting lots of vacuuming and laundry done today. College visit tomorrow and it is only about 20 minutes from home so that won't be so bad. I am really really tired today. Cannot seem to get with the program. TOM arrived too this week which is never exciting, but always welcomed.:bcb_wink I am scared to get on the scale So I commend all of you who are diligently working the program and keeping yourselves in check!! WAY TO GO!!! Wendy
  8. :bcb_airboHappy Hump Day!! The oldest three boys are out the door to school and the youngest is entertained with Disney right now. I need to get ready for work. It is my 10-7shift day. I have some things to shop for at work too. Our date night was nice. The time goes by so fast. I have some laundry in the washer and need to get another cup of coffee. Have a great day all!! Cheryl~ WOOHOO on the weight loss!! Sandylee Glad that your tummy is feeling better. Enjoy your day off today. May God Bless our Veterans and May God Bless America!!
  9. Hi Gals, Had a little free time this morning so I went shopping and picked up a few more things for Christmas. My overall Christmas goal this year is to be done before December 1 and have everything wrapped and stashed so that I can just focus on enjoying all of the wonder that comes with the holiday. I am enjoying a cup of coffee and doing dishes. All of the boys will be home in about 8 minutes and DH will most likely be here shortly after. He and I like to have a Tuesday night date when possible. Drew will watch the little fellas for us so I am also making supper for them quick before we go. They will like that. It is fun for DH & I to get out too. Cheryl! You are rocking it!! Way to go on the loss. Those little boots for your DGD sound adorable. I hope that you find some good deals. Soya! Don't let N. E. Thing stand in the way of you and your goals!! Sandylee~ Hope that your tummy is feeling better today. JudiGirl~ :bcb_upGlad to see you checking in. Have a great night all, Wendy
  10. Good Morning, Up and at'em friends. Have a great Monday!
  11. Happy Birthday To You!!

    Here we are at 41 already.


    Not too bad though.


    Hope that you have a wonderful day,



  12. I just wanted to bump this up. The is the original post from Dawna from WAY BACK in the the thread. 1 chicken (I cooked a 9 pounder) spray olive oil Lawry's seasoned salt -no substitutes Aluminum foil Clean chicken inside and out. Spray with olive oil spray. Sprinkle with Lawry's. Spray inside of crock with pam. Note: Do not put any water in the crock Roll some wads of aluminum foil into balls and put them in the bottom of the crock. The chicken is going to sit on these. Put chicken back side down in crock on top of aluminum balls. Cook on High (will not come out the same on low), 4-6 hours. Note: the person who posted this recipe said you had to use the aluminum to get the deli taste. I didn't believe it then, but boy do I now! This chicken tasted very close to one you would buy, precooked, in the deli section of your supermarket. Now before you pooh..pooh..this one, give it a try. Dawna One more thing, before you ask "why only on high"..the taste won't be the same if you cook it on low. I can vouch for this.
  13. You LOOK Marvelous!! WTG!! Your little girl's avatar is precious as well. Congratulations!! Wendy
  14. Good Afternoon Buddies, I thought that I should come over here and log in my exercise as being accountable really helps. I am doing pretty well in that department and even moved a calendar to the family room where I exercise so that I can keep track (with stickers) of my workouts. I am SO sticker motivated. I have a lot of workout tapes/dvd's so I will be mixing it up. Sun~ REST Mon~ None Tues~ FIRM SUPERCHARGED SCULPTING WITH PAM~ DONE Wed~ WATP?? Thurs~ TBA Fri~ TBA Sat~ TBA Chiclet~ What is the "Bikini Ready Fast" workout?? It feels SO GOOOOOOD to move! Wendy
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