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  1. Lucky number '13 is it for me! I'm tired of not taking care of myself and I'm tired of being overweight and tired! I'm still an online WW member so I'm going to look at the new program tonight and start following it.
  2. The week is almost over. I'm just a few days away from going to San Antonio. I really struggled yesterday with trying to find slacks that fit and aren't too expensive since I'm not looking to wear them very long I'm also kinda between sizes. I found a nice pair of capris but the 2 pairs of pants I bought seem a little too big, but the size smaller were too tight for business clothes. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to keep them. They just look a little too loose. I need to see what DH thinks (I hate asking a man for fashion advice but I don't really have any girlfriends here). He's pretty good about knowing if something looks bad but he'll be coming off an overnight flight from Hawaii. I might hit up the mall on Saturday since I need to take recycling anyway. We'll see. I've been doing great this week. Eating well and exercising every night except Tuesday since I had to dig the truck out of the driveway. I did my new travel fit workout tonight and I think it's going to be a great compliment to a hotel gym. I'm striving to stay on track even though I know my meetings next week will be the definition of extravagance both in food and drink. I hope I see some movement on the scale so I'm extra motivated to stay on track. Well I need to go. I hope everyone had a great week!
  3. I had quite the exciting day. I went home at lunch to let Patsy out (she's not a morning dog and won't go out before we leave for work) and got the truck stuck in the driveway. I almost got stuck on my way to work this morning so I knew it was treacherous but I didn't think it was that bad! The snow was up to the frame of the truck! I had to shovel out under the tires and clean out the frame, put it in 4wd low and rock it out. It took 20 minutes to get unstuck. Again on my way home tonight I had to gun it to get through the drift. I didn't realize it had drifted that bad last night! On the good side, on my way back to work (after shoveling out the truck!) I saw a bald eagle on the side of the road scavenging on roadkill. It didn't even fly away as I drove by. It was tough to keep my eyes on the road while I passed it! Amy, I hear you on the cabin fever! Patsy just looks at me and whines, when I let her out she runs out, looks around and comes running back to the door. It's just too cold and windy for her to play. how many igloos have your kids made? I hope you get no more snow and spring comes soon! All my other buddies, big hugs, hope your week is going well!
  4. Good morning! DH and I still haven't left bed. It's snowing outside still and we have over an inch of new snow. It looks like it's going to snow for a while. It's so pretty out! Tomorrow morning DH leaves for Hawaii for the week. He gets back on Sunday morning. I have tons to do at home for our soon to be nephew and plenty of work so I won't be bored this week. I'm also trying to prepare for my trip to San Antonio next week. I need to make sure I have enough business casual clothes that fit and aren't too warm. It's probably not going to be overly warm when I'm there but I'm sure 60's will feel awesome coming from 20's. We have a good number of things to do today to get DH ready for his trip since yesterday was a pretty relaxed day. We did almost nothing yesterday! Well I hope everyone had a great weekend!
  5. Just a quick check in for me. Tomorrow will be busy at work. I have tons to do since I wasn't at the office much this week with the weather. I was able to exercise tonight (KPC). and I've decided that I can't go to the hot tub unless I exercise somehow beforehand. It looks like I was able to maintain or lose even with the super bowl. I was good with my eating but I haven't been able to exercise all week. I haven't weighed in all week because I was worried about some extra water weight. We'll see tomorrow morning. Well it's bedtime. Have a great Friday everyone!!
  6. Well we didn't get 22" but we got close to 10". We have a nearly 2 ft drift all the way down our driveway. Luckily we have all 4wd vehicles. I don't even want to think about trying to clear that. I'm not sure what the meter reader is going to do. We have a drift in the backyard that is probably 4 ft! My bird feeders are knee height, my finch feeder is buried halfway and the corn on my squirrel feeder is buried. With the blowing snow we decided to go to the hot tub early and I forgot after that to exercise. I get so out of whack when I work at home. I often forget to stop working. Last night I was still on our network until 7pm. Tracey, I'm with you! I'm so ready for spring! I keep looking at the seed and bulb catalogs and longing for warmer weather. We're supposed to dip below 0 here in the next couple days. The highs will be in single digits I think. I'm not looking forward to it! I'm glad you're doing well even though you're busy! Kathy, I think you're winning the weather lottery! I know none of the rest of us are I hope things are good with you and your housing! Amy, keep thinking positive! everything will be fine! I better get back to work! Have a great Wednesday!
  7. We have probably a foot of snow on our driveway but it's been blowing so much I have no idea how much snow we actually got. We had to clear the satellite dishes because they were covered with snow. DH had to climb on the roof to clear them. I'm working from home because they closed school again. They local school districts have run out of snow days and are trying to figure out what they're going to do to make up for it. Doesn't affect me but interesting. Well I hope you guys are getting too slammed with the storms last week! have a great Tuesday!
  8. Hey buddies! Well I feel like a broken record... more snow! We're supposed to get ~9" by tomorrow. It's been snowing all day. We didn't come back right away from Chicago. I had a conference call this morning so we stopped at another site so we could use their network. While we were gone all my seeds arrived that I ordered! Makes me happy for spring (I know it's far away). I also got a couple new catalogs. I got a wildflower and a bulb catalog. It's been fun looking through them. it reminded me that I need to look through the bulbs I dug up last fall to make sure they're still ok. I did ok this weekend. I drank too much but we had a great time and I was pretty good with my eating. We didn't end up doing any walking but I think I'll be ok. Tomorrow I'm going to start exercising again. I think I'll do kick punch and crunch. Well I better go. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was happy to see the Saint's win! happy Tuesday everyone!!
  9. Oh Amy! That is so scary! I remember how scared I was when I had an abnormal pap. You're in my thoughts! I hope your son is able to have his party! I hope all my PA buddies don't get the snow they're predicting! We have a nice little snowfall this morning, it was so pretty! We're only supposed to get a max of 2". This weekend we're going to Chicago to possibly buy a boat We're bringing Patsy with us and we're hoping that she gets along with DSIL and BIL's german shepherd because otherwise she's going in the basement. and we're staying through Sunday to watch the Super Bowl. On the way there I need to finish a jumper I'm crocheting for Dniece. Here's the pattern. I'm also working on an afghan for the new baby. Obviously with other colors So I've lost this post already and I tried to recreate it as much as possible. Kathy, I hope things are going well with your house hunt! Give us an update when you get a chance Tracey, Life really never slows down I'm noticing! It's spiraling faster and faster! I hope it calms down to a slower spiral. I hope everyone has a great weekend (with very little snow)! and hopefully we have more traffic here next week!
  10. Ok, I didn't make it back last night. I had a few things I wanted to research online instead. I'm looking at getting a set of dumbells that can change weights so I don't have to have a tree of dumbells. Man are they expensive. I might have to buy a few dumbells that will cover the range I need and not bother with the changeable ones. Maybe I'll run by a used sports store sometime and see what they have. Last night I did weights and cardio with Cathe, a workout I DVR'ed from FitTV. Tonight is kick punch crunch. We've been eating very healthy and I've been trying to avoid pop. My weight's been stable but that can't continue forever! Eventually something has to give! I hope everyone is having a great day and a great week!
  11. Hey buddies! I didn't want the week to go by without a thread. I'm at work so I don't have much time but I wanted to get us started. I'll post more later tonight! Have a great Tuesday!
  12. doing this mostly for myself. so far today, Good: ran 2.5 miles on the dreadmill, didn't eat any cookies during the meeting, needs improvement: my selection of food at meals, did ok at lunch, could have been better. on to dinner and drinks!
  13. Sorry I didn't get a chance to pop in yesterday! This morning I'm driving to near Des Moines for some meetings so I probably won't post much for the next few days. My plan as promised: I've saved all my flex points for the week! Today: had my usual breakfast for 5 points lunch is a mexican buffet, I'll have all the veggies I can, some beans a little cheese. If there's guac, I'll have some of that too. I won't feel deprived because it's all food I like. If there are cookies I'll avoid them, I can't have one. I"m hoping to be able to check in early, I'm at least going to try. The session adjourns at 5:30 and drinks start at 6:30. If I'm checked in, I'll go back to the room ASAP and change to run for 30 minutes on the dreadmill or elliptical if they have one. I'll then clean up and head to drinks and dinner (starts at 7). Dinner is another buffet and with my options I think I'm going for the eye of round beef with cabernet sauce, small portion cut off all the fat. for a side I'll have lots of salad and a few baby potatoes or might go for the veggie depending on how they look. My goal is to be able to see the bottom of my plate and not cover the whole thing. There will be a dessert buffet and if I got in my exercise, I might opt for a small dessert. There is a cash bar after dinner and a casino (with play money) activity. I need to keep my drinking to a minimum as that will get me in trouble and alcohol is just empty calories! Tomorrow: Breakfast is a hot continental. Not sure what my options will be but my goal is to have protein to keep me full so I don't give in to any snacks that might be around, also low fat. Lunch is a Taste of Italy buffet: I love Italian food and this buffet will be a problem for me. I have decided that I will stick to the caesar salad and the vegetable salad with a few of the tortellini so I don't feel too deprived. before dinner they've ordered a chocolate buffet! I'm really worried about this but if I need to have anything I'll have a couple chocolate strawberries and one little candy. I have to stay away from the rest. Hopefully I'll be so distracted by trying to keep the meeting going that I won't notice when the chocolate buffet is rolled out... Dinner is at a restaurant and my plan is to have a lean steak with a veggie side (light butter) and a salad. Again watch the alcohol because that's when I make bad decisions and use too many points! I don't know how to fit in exercise tomorrow. The meetings start at 7:30 and I have to get breakfast before that (and fight with 100 other people for breakfast). Plus I'm not really a morning person. I went to these meetings last year and there generally are some late nights! We'll see, I might just dip into flex and not worry too much about it. Friday: Breakfast: I should know what to expect since it'll be the same as Thursday and should be able to make good decisions. Lunch: box lunches, I'll choose a turkey sandwich and I dont really like pasta salad so that won't be a problem and I don't like potato chips. the problem is going to be the large cookie in the box. If I can find a way to get rid of it without hating myself for it, I won't eat it. Maybe they'll suck (not likely but wishful thinking) or maybe I can tell myself they suck. Then I'm back to home and back to the routine!! Yay! I can exercise Friday night and then go to the hot tub (weather permitting). I'll try to check in at night but not sure what my schedule is like. Since this is my chance to get to know the people in my region I need to spend time hanging out with them. Weight-wise, so far so good. Down to 150! I'm hoping to lose weight during the meetings - never done that before! Sorry no time for personals, I'm the session chair for today introducing 7 speakers and I gotta start reading through my introductions for the speakers. I really hope it goes well! I'll have at least 200 eyes on my today! argh!
  14. I just wanted to say that I've started to come up with a "real" plan for the rest of this week. I just emailed the AA that's working on the details for our meeting to see if I can get the menu to help me plan. I'm on the planning committee and kinda heading it up so if I can't get that info I don't know who could I'm also going to try to check in early to the hotel so I can use the hour between the sessions and the host bar to get in a workout. I should be able to get 1/2 hour in and still have time to clean up, just because the host bar starts at 6:30 doesn't mean I have to be on time. I will have a plan in place by EOD tomorrow and post it so I can be accountable while I'm at this meeting (which is only 1 1/2 hour drive from my house and I'm still at a hotel ) As for the scale, it almost was at 150 this morning so hopefully in the next couple days I'll see that next pound gone. Unrelated to weight, DH and I ordered the rest of our orchard (should arrive this spring) as well as some small fruits, nut trees etc. We got: 2 Pecans, 3 kiwi, 1 nectarine, 1 peach, 2 filberts, 2 blueberries, 2 apricots, 2 plums (we have one already if it survives the deer damage), 3 cherries-2 sweet, 1 pie, 2 pears (we have one but I think it's diseased). We also bought a few flowering shrubs and a weeping willow for by the pond. I'm hoping we have another great summer for trees! We only watered our other trees a couple times all summer since it was so wet and cool. Well I better get back to work or I'll never get to go home Hope everyone has a great Monday!
  15. I'm glad you guys ended up with less ice! We lost power again the other night right before it all melted. We were in the hot tub watching the neighbors' power go out and then our would go. It flashed out multiple times and then it was just out. We had to scramble out of the tub (we knew it would go out for real eventually) and get the top on so it would conserve heat. The electric co. said it wouldn't be back on until the next day but a couple hours later the power was back on. it was the 3rd night in a row I had myself ready to sleep in the living room in front of the fireplace and never needed to. It really warmed up for us here, even rained! We lost probably half our snow, not that I mind It's pretty windy today and I'm sad because yesterday, DH and I bought a TV for the hot tub! We were going to watch the NFL playoffs from the tub Right now is the time when Best Buy puts all their TV's on sale and sells the floor models. Early Feb. is when the next year's models come in the stores so they clear out the previous years. We got a 32" LCD 720p HDTV for under $300! So far so good with my re-commitment... I've lost 2 pounds so far this week. I know it won't be so easy but the early success and the need to buy new pants for my meetings has me pretty motivated! I'm really going to have to be good this week. I have 7 meals at the end of this week in which the only control I have is what goes in my mouth as well as limited time for exercise. I was going to buy the 30 day shred video, but the second time I did the video, Jillian annoyed me so bad I couldn't stand it. I was worried I couldn't do my Cathe workouts because I'm so out of shape. I had a Cathe workout saved on our DVR so I gave it a shot. I was able to do it just fine. I ended up looking at Cathe's website and she has some new videos out. I ended up ordering 2, Travel Fit, and HiiT. With a gym at my hotels I stay at, I can do the Travel Fit and get cardio on the machines or run outside. HiiT will give me some good interval training (like 30 day shred) and I don't find Cathe annoying. It's only 30 minutes long and 3 different workouts so I can do HiiT and I can do weights on the same day. Amy, thanks for your tips I know that if I'm not active going into a pregnancy I'm not going to become more active during it. We've made a commitment that I need to get back to my goal weight before we dive in.The last thing I want to do is deal with carrying around extra weight and a baby! Tracey, I remember the end/beginning of the year is always busy for you! I hope things start to calm down! I'll try to work on posting some hawaii pictures but I've been working on pictures for work so that makes me not want to work on my own! Have a great week!!
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