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  1. congratulations!!!!!! that's super!!! keep it up!!! tschüß, jennifer
  2. that is SUPER!!!!! congratulations buddy! i hope to be able to say the same soon (just have to get around christmas) tschüß, jennofer
  3. i don`t have dsl, so the pictures were sloooooow coming, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!! You look great!! Thanks for giving us all that much more inspiration to keep trudging along!! tschüß, Jennifer
  4. chinsafer


    i made 10 percent today!!! that`s 22 pounds (you do the math). have you ever looked at 22 pounds of pig fat at the supermarket? It is LOTS! i still have a long way to go- slowly but surely. tschüß, jennifer
  5. chinsafer


    what is gelato there in the states? in italian, it means ice cream and here in germany, there are a lot of italian ice cream parlours with the word gelato incorporated in the names. the ice cream is not as creamy as typical american ice cream- in fact, i heard that it is water based and not milk based- so maybe it isn`t as fattening. jennifer
  6. congratulations!!!!! i always smile to see someone reach a goal!! tschüß, jennifer
  7. thankyou for the info! there is one point i am still not clear about. as far as i can tell, refined grain products cost just as many points as whole grain products. I have always heard that whole grains are better for you- shouldn't they cost less? even a little? thanks, jennifer
  8. hi! here in germany, the low carb diets are starting to hit the media. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with them? What is the difference between low carb and slow carb? (I suspect refined grains vs. whole grains) and finally, what does WW say about refined grains vs. whole grains? lots at once- would be glad to hear from you, chinsafer
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