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  1. When baking and a recipie calls for 1 packet of splenda does anyone know how much stevia that is? I bought just the powdered stevia and it has the equivilant to sugar but thats it. I do know that it is packetof splenda for packet of stevia, but how much is in a packet? Thanks for your help:salut Tanya
  2. Hi, Does anyone know the ratio of real sugar to artifical sweetner when baking? Thanks, Tanya
  3. Hi, OMG these sound fab,only I don't use artificals sweetners Anyone know what amount of sugar I would sub for 1/4 splenda? Thanks, Tanya
  4. Hi, Thanks for the info, I'll use the 1pt/oz I guess. I got our at our local meat shop here, Its pretty popular here in Alberta. It tastes very much like beef only alot leaner. Thanks again, Tanya
  5. Hi, I bought a box of buffalo frozen patties the other day, and I'm not sure how many pts they are. They are way leaner than even lean hamburger.Anyone know the pts, even for just buffalo meat? Thanks, Tanya
  6. Thanks plcm111195, but I don't use artifical sweetners, but even at 1 pt, thats a steal
  7. Hi, My mom bought these frozen treats at Costco a while ago for the grandkids and WOW are they good. They have I think 6-7 flavors such as Cotton Candy, Orange Dream, Paradise Punch, Razzel Dazzle, can't remamber the others. They are only 50cals/1pt per. They come on a small stick and are just enough for a sweet treat. Just thought I would share Have a great day, Tanya
  8. anninsd, Actually they turned out great with the All Bran Flakes!!! Even my kids love them! Tanya
  9. Hi, This recipie sounds delicious however I don't use artifical sweetners, does anyone know what else I could use for the sweet part or how much sugar I would need? Thanks, Tanya
  10. ok, they just came out of the oven OMG, I'm in love!!! I exaggerated I only got 4 extra. What a great treat when your craving something sweet, hey I'm a poet and didn't even know it LOL!! Anyway awsome recipie, thanks for sharing!! Tanya
  11. Hi, I just made this mix and mine was quite runny. I probably have enough mix to make another 12 muffins from the same batch, did I do something wrong?? I used all bran flakes, would that make a difference?? Thanks Tanya
  12. OK, so where is everyone!!!!???? I walked on my treadmill yesterday for 1 hr. 30 mins on the rolling hills program @ 3.2km/hr and then 30 mins on the interval walker program no incline. I watched the movie Pieces of April, it was kinda weird but cute anyone see it, Katie Holmes is in it. Anyway haven't walked yet today, maybe later for the finale of Amazing Race! Catch ya later, Tanya
  13. Hi everyone, Hey Suzanne, thanks for starting the thread over here I have been soooo tired lately, there has been a spooky home intruder in our neighborhood who seems to like young boys, so needless to say I haven't been sleeping very well, they caught him the other day so hopefully he will be put away for a long while. I think I'm going to give myself the weekend and try to catch up on some sleep and get back to my treadmill on Monday. Hope you all have a great weekend, talk to ya Monday. :bcbsalute Tanya
  14. A couple years ago there was a recipie for a Mushroom, Leek Quiche on this site.It was delicious, I had it around for ever and now I can't find it. If anyone can help me I would greatly apperciate it. I've suddenly got a craving for it!! Thanks, Tanya
  15. Hello, Any other avid readers out there? I just finished The Time Travelers Wife, what an incredible book,I loved it! Has anyone else read it , what did you think? I think I'm going to start either West Wind North Chatter or Girls in Pants (the 3rd the Traveling Pants series.) I just read a really good book called True to Form by Elizabeth Berg a really cute, lesson learning book about a 12 yr old girl. Very good. My ultime fav book is A Gracious Plenty by Sheri Reynolds, then The Clan of the Cave Bear, Fortunes Rock by Anita Shrieve. Darn I gotta run I'll check back later, Tanya
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