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  1. Welcome back, Talia. Here are some words of wisdom to inspire you: Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful. ~ Brian Tracy
  2. Jel Owl


    I think you will be surprised at what Core will help you do. Good luck~ Jel
  3. Sounds so good - can't wait to grill some potatoes this weekend!
  4. Nice - THANKS! :bcbsalute
  5. This also helps it be Core! Thanks to both of you! :bcbsalute
  6. ooh, thank you for bumping ths up, Carol!
  7. I've done with & without meetings. I do better when I know that I have to check in and be accountable that next week.
  8. You look great - keep up the great work! :bcbsalute
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