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  1. I just signed up for WW after years of being away. Saturday will be my first time back at a meeting. I came here to get connected again. I really stayed motivated when I originally lost my weight the first time.
  2. Hi all - today is my first day back to BCB in a while. I have lost myself and am finally ready to get my healthy life back. Today is only day 2 but I have walked for a 1/2 hour both days for my lunch hour. It is a start.
  3. Hi - It's been a while. I am an old memeber, I have not been focused or on tract. This week I decided it is time to refocus and get my healthy lifestyle back. I know it is day 2 but so far so good. I walked for a 1/2 on my lunch.
  4. I am rejoining WW next week Wednesday and dicovered yesterday that the start of the Deluxw Kit is going up $5.00 on 1/1/11, so I stopped in to a WW center and bought it last night. Saved myself $5.00 and get to review the material ahead of time.
  5. Dooie I am with you and old member of BCB. Never quite reched my goal but was very sucessful with WW and BCB. @ co-workers and I are joining WW on 1/5/11 and I know I need my BCB. And the first thing I did was find this site again and although I am not going back until 1/5/11 I will be on here daily. HONK, HONK, HONK
  6. Just seen my signiture line .... that needs to be changed. I have no clue what my new starting weight is and decided to not step on the scale until my new starting day.
  7. I am a former WW member and BCB from many years a go. A few of us at work have decided to join WW and the new program. We are doing the at work program and with the Holiday schedule we will not be joining until 1/5/11. I know for me to be successful I will need all the support I can get. I was happy to find my BCB group still going strong. What are your thoughts on the new PP program - I don't know much yet besides that things have changed! And I think I need the change.
  8. I made this last night - yummy. I had my husband try it and then told him that it was WW friendly. Since he said he liked it .... he has no choice but to eat it. My 12 year old daughter loved it to. My youngest did not want to try it.
  9. Congrats:bcb_bravo :bcb_bravo
  10. I have hypothyroid also and right on my synthroid printout, it says to avoid soy.
  11. Thanks I can't wait to read through these for something I will like
  12. I made this Saturday and used a Pork Roast and Added chopped up Potatoes and Carrots. My family loved it. Even my husband who is not a fan of Crockpots. Thanks for the recipe.... I think I may try it in the future with chicken too.... like suggested
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