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  1. It was a gorgeous weekend here! The 2 miler went well on Sat. My goal was 25 min. and I finished in 25:38. I'm still feeling it in my quads. I took my first trail walk of the season yesterday and then did some serious gardening - about 2 hours worth of fighting with vines and raking 3 years worth of leaves and stuff. Definitely got a good workout!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I may try the plain with some jam.
  3. Pick, my suggestion is to find an exercise that you love doing to keep you motivated. I love to walk. Even when I don't feel like going, I do cuz I'm outside and I feel so good after. For accountability, post in the monthly exercise thread. That might help too. Welcome to BCB and good luck!!
  4. Hanna, is the running program you're doing a podcast? I'm doing a 2 mile Shamrock Run on Sat. If my heel behaves, I may start back running a few times a week. I'll probably do the C25K, but if what you're doing is a podcast, I may do that instead.
  5. I've made the switch to Greek yogurt and I now can't stand the taste of anything but Greek yogurt. I eat the Chobani brand, but it's 3 pts. for 6 oz.! Can anyone recommend a good low point Greek yogurt? TIA
  6. I do remember you, Moe! Glad you're back pounding the pavement! It's been raining here all weekend, so I couldn't get out for a practice run. I did some strength training today with a DVD. I get out of work late, so I'll have to rely on walking at lunch and just wing the race on Sat. I'm sure it will be more of a trot, but I will cross the finish line.
  7. Howdy all! I'm back - I used to post on the runners' thread. I was on my own since the fall doing a modified WW program. Then the holidays, then life - yadda, yadda, yadda. My last 5K was at the end of September. I haven't run since then as I'm still procrastinating about dealing with the heel issue. Walking has replaced running for now. Before I knew what I was doing, I signed up for 2 mile St. Patty's Run on 3/20. I ran it last year and it was the funnest, coolest race I have ever run. I'll definitely have to take care of the heel after that race. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with the old timers and meeting the new folks!
  8. Love the costume, Nick! Dressage, maybe karma is telling you to not ride horses! Status quo here, no running. I've increased distance when walking, but it's just not the same.
  9. Great pics, Fitter! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Great report, fitter! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
  11. Fitter, ditto what Jack said. I was sick all summer - massive sinus infection, then bronchitis, then pneumonia. Through it all, I managed to get out a run a bit cuz I knew it would help loosen the crap in the nose and lungs!! Bring lots of kleenex.
  12. Mike, I have plantar facitis (sp?). I've been ignoring it for about a year and would load up on Advil before 5Ks so I could run the races. After the last 5K in Sept., I decided to take a break from running to let this heal cuz I just can't keep eating Advil like candy. I will go to the doc after the holidays to see if there's some type of therapy (other than cortisone shot) to take care of this. My chiro has been adjusting my foot which seems to help a bit but the pain is still there.
  13. Mike, running has helped to strengthen my legs more than walking could ever do. I'm seeing definition in my legs and also in my stomach area. Running is the exercise shake-up I needed to see more results bodywise. And, the best part is the endorphin high. It's like a drug. The more you run, the more you want to run cuz you feel soo damn good when you're done. I haven't run since the end of Sept. due to heel pain. When I start back up, hopefully in the spring, I plan on using the c25k podcast again. I find the elliptical is a good replacement for running. I'm not a dreadmill person, doesn't do a thing for me (either walking or running on it).
  14. Mike, when I was doing the c25k, I downloaded Robert Ullrey's podcasts. It's a 9 week program. There are others out there, but I liked his. He tells you when to run or walk, so you don't have to keep looking at a stopwatch. The muzak isn't the greatest. There are New Balance stores around where I live that will custom fit a pair of sneakers. I did a quick google search, and here's a link to some stores in your area, based on your zip code. http://www.newbalance.com/findastore/storefinder_results.php?formActionType=storefinder&streetAddress=&city=&state=&zip=20902&country=US&d=Select&submit.x=39&submit.y=7
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