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  1. I go to Curves three times a week and I have asked that questions about activity points. Because it's high intesity and a little more than 30 minutes, I was told it would be about 4 points. But it also depends on your weight. You should check out their website. http://www.curvesforum.com/forum/ Angela
  2. I bought the President's choice granola bar with chocolate chips. Nowhere on the package is a break down of the contents of the fibre etc... It's not low fat it's regular. I tried to go on their web site...no luck. Anyone know??? Angela
  3. Thanks a bunch for your imput. I do love my beef burgers, I thought the Bocca burgers would be just as good. Dressing them up with onions and tomatoes and slapping on some b-b-que sauce will numb the taste if I don't like them. Thanks ladies. Great advice. Angela
  4. Are these burgers good? Been thinking of buying some. In alot of the threads, these burgers are brought up in topics. Angela
  5. Thanks Maureen...Recipes sound pretty yummy!!! That's just awsome. Angela
  6. Hi...looking for recipes for dips, salade dressing using low fat plain yogurt? Or just plain old recipes. Any suggestions. I have a tub of plain yogurt that's in desperate need of me eating it before it goes bad. I can't eat it plain, bought it by accident...thought it was vanilla flavour. Thanks Angela
  7. Hi Kathyrne, I saw them finally at loblaws and was debating on buying them, but decided to wait. They're pretty expensive. $ 7.00 a shot. Mind you, you get more than one. I do shop at M&M alot so I think I'll start buying the strawberry Bars you mentioned. Thanks for the info. Angela
  8. I tried the MacDonalds Fiesta Salade...very good. I did not get any sour cream with mine...I thought something was missing. But I guess that's a good thing, less points. I'll definately will have to try the others. Sounds yummy. Angela Canada
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