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  1. The 5th Biggest Loser challenge has started, so don't forget to post on the Black Team weigh-in thread and then record your weights every week. Everyone gets 3 passes and are eliminated from the challenge on the 4th time they don't enter a weight.


    Good luck!

  2. I am really confused because there are so many threads! How do I know when I sign up with one if I am doing it right! Can u tell me if I am signed up and when I find out what team I am on. Do I get a message or do I have to look somewhere. HELP!
  3. Hi! I am just learning to use this site and I am a little confused... but be patient with me. I am 31 years old and have about 102 lbs to lose... I am struggling and know I need to get focused. I really need to get exercise. Can u post throughout the day and encourage each other?

  4. Hi! I am unsure how this works, but just checking to see if you are matched with someone or just log on here. My name is Nikki and I live in MN. I have a long ways to go, but truely need help! This looks like a great place to start!
  5. I would like to join this Biggest Loser Challenge. When do I record my weights? I so need this!
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