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  1. okay so i have quick question. i've found a couple websites that have said that for my height i should be intaking over 2000 calories a day (not my current weight but my goal weight). staying on a 21 point day, i am only intaking 1050 calories.. is this right??? or am i missing something??
  2. ladieluckie


    so i've found since i've started ww i've been less than successful going to the washroom... what do you eat to make sure that you stay regular?
  3. just wondering that songs everyone listens to while working out to keep them pumped.. i'm in desperate need of some new music
  4. if you go to Dotti's weight loss zone http://www.dwlz.com she has point values for Canadian applebees. Just go to Canadian restaurants and then Applebees. some of their low fat stuff is stillpretty good in points.
  5. does anyone know if these are available in canada...cuz i checked save on last nite and they didn't have them....if they're not available here i might need someone to buy me some and send them to me....
  6. Okay so i've kinda heard some rumours about green tea and keeping weight down....does anyone know anything about this? Vicki
  7. if you go to starbucks.com you can get all the nutritional infomation on the fraps and then figure out what the points are from there. i had a white chocolate mocha one the other day and i really didn't notice much of a difference
  8. i'm about 155lbs and on average i burn in an hour of cardio 800 calories. I use the stairclimber for 30 minutes burning 450-490 calories and the treadmill for 30 minutes buring 310-350 calories....it works out to about 8 AP
  9. does anyone have any idea about how many points penny candies would be? (ie. cokebottles, sour keys, frogs...)
  10. i'd say about 3 points....4 to be on the safe side
  11. i just have a quick question...i always work out early in the morning ... like as soon as i get out of bed i head to the gym..i was wondering if i should be eating breakfast before i go to the gym...i have been eating it as soon as i get home....should i keep this up or eat it before i go? Thnx Vicki
  12. hey, i was told yesterday that if you exercise while on WW you will lost more because you are buliding up muscle...is there any reality to this statement? i go to the gym 3 times a week for a cardio/strenght session, then i do pilates 3 times a week .... should i be prepared to just tone up and might not get to my goal weight because of the muscle mass that i am gaining?? its so confusing Thanks for any help God Bless Vicki
  13. Hey i was just wondering if anyone knows what nestle drumsticks are? the ones with the caramel in the middle! THanks Vicki ps i love this site
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