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  1. I think I was able to do it for a couple weeks. LOL
  2. I had this problem last time I tried flex. I ended up switching to Lowfat milk and added an extra glass of it and a slice of whole grain toast with a little peanut butter during the day. Then, when my points went down I switched back to fat free milk and adjusted the toast.
  3. I just bought an Omron. I had a good one a couple years ago and lost it in a move and all the ones i've gotten since are crap. (Like the one where I walked to the shopping center, shopped and then walked back and it said i did 7 steps that day.) I miss the motivation the ped gives me.
  4. Never even heard of them! Will look for them. Thanks!
  5. Count me in! I had a mini meltdown after WI on Sunday but I hit the grocery store, stocked up on good CORE food and am back in the saddle. Had a wonderful meal (grilled trout, brown rice, mango salsa, sliced cucumbers, 16 tortilla chips and some salsa) and I played on the Wii with the kids. (Only 15 minutes, but I got sweaty.) I'm going to make my menu up tonight for tomorrow and the girls and I are going to walk to a bunch of errands. I wear one (27-32 pounder) on my back while we walk so I get quite a work out. I think jotting an outline of meals and activity each night for the next day will help.
  6. I've had 3-4 in the past and they all suck. They miss steps, add steps, die on me. My current one only picks up every 3-4 steps. I had a good one a few years ago but lost it in a move and can't remember what it was. Any good recommendations?
  7. This was actually brought up in my meeting this week. The leader mentioned that with cigs and alcohol you can work to avoid them all together, but you HAVE to eat. You HAVE to face food and make the choice not just to avoid but to change how you deal with food. I find it a lot harder than quitting smoking.
  8. Hello all! I'm Miriam, I was here a while back (1970 according to my control panel LOL) and did pretty well on WW. Got pregnant so I stopped. Actually had to switch gears and start packing in the calories since I was pregnant with triplets. (4000 calories a day sounds lovely, but getting there healthily is hard!) After my girls were born I lost a lot really quickly. I don't have a scale at home so I don't know for certain, but I was fitting into all of my pre-pregnancy skinny clothes after 6 weeks and had gained 90 pounds during the pregnancy. Then ppd kicked in and I slipped back into the old behaviors. So I rejoined WW 4 weeks ago at 257. My all-time heaviest. I did well the first 2 weeks with 3 pounds lost each week. Felt wonderful, found it really easy to stay OP. Was ready to add some exercise into the mix. Everything was going great. Then we went on vacation to San Diego. I brought all of our food with us (we keep kosher so it was easy to avoid dining out and those pitfalls because kosher in SD is virtually non-existant.) I took some art classes during the day so ate very lightly and then had lovely grilled fish and brown rice and fresh veggies and salad for dinner. Stayed away from the cookies and ice cream and beer that others were enjoying. Got home to a 1.8 loss for two weeks. Now it is Tuesday and I'm totally off-program. I just feel so defeated. I know in my head that what happened is that I didn't eat enough. I know from the past and from talking with my doctor that I also didn't eat enough protein. I didn't feel super hungry and I munched pretty constantly on veggies. So I think I need some more support and motivation to get back OP. The girls are going down for a nap soon and I'm heading out to the grocery store. Plan on stocking up on good stuff. I'm trying to decide if I should switch to flex for a couple weeks. Or just focus on making sure I'm eating very Core and being careful about measuring my flex foods. I like Core because of the protein and it is really how I eat when I feel well and I LOATHE journaling. But I think I've become pretty lax about counting the Flex points. I guess it will depend when I make that choice whether to add some bread to my shopping cart.
  9. I was totally surprised when I was entering my dinner last night and I wasn't sure if something was right. I had 1 T. Miricle Whip and it said it was 2 points. I checked the jar and it is 45/4/0. That is 1 point according to the online point calculator. Does this happen a lot? Do I need to start double checking everything??
  10. Thank you for the warm welcome! I will be sure to check out the BCB Philosophy when I have more time. Thanks!
  11. Hi Tyme! I'm an avid scrapbooker. Check out My Site! Another great resource is Memory Makin' Divas
  12. I've been thinking about this and figured I would count certain steps. I've worn my pedometer for a week, so I know that I average 7500 steps a day. Anything over that I will count. Naturally I'll need to do a fair amount over that to get any sort of points, but at the beginning of the program, I think it works. I'll probably change it later.
  13. Hello! I thought I'd jump in and introduce myself. My name is Mimi and I love in Los Angeles with my hubby of 2 years and our parrot who is the baby of the house. I turned 30 in January, so I just made it into this board! LOL I'm a wahw (work-at-home-wife) helping out my hubby and doing some graphic design. I'm re-starting WW on Monday but I figured I could introduce myself as a way of forcing myself to actually start and also to stay OP. I'm doing WW at home mainly because I'mm TTC and I don't want to spend the start-up fee and then have to put my membership on hold until (God willing!) I have a baby. Can't wait to get to know all of you better!
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