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  1. Those are really intersting articles. I've been told by various trainers and coaches that it is is important to mix up your workouts because your body gets used to the same exercises and becomes very efficient at them. Plus by shaking up the intensity and duration it keeps things more interesting. There are times when you don't have time to do a long work out so a short intense one is good, but I also look at my work out as my time, and there are days when I feel a little selfish and want to have as much me time as possible. Those are the days that I will go for a long slower walk.
  2. Happy Friday everyone! My friend and I who did the Freeze Your Fanny race last weekend have signed up for another race on February 11. I'm finding that knowing I have a race coming keeps me more motivated. Even though I'm one of the slower ones out there, I'm at least trying and I'm finding my times are getting better!
  3. Reporting back on my race! I came in 3rd in my age group (okay, there were only 4 of us but still!!!). The weather was cold, 35 degrees at the start. There was a slight breeze (8 mph) and the race course was on a levee next to the river, so to me it felt even colder. I had my winter weight tights, and two layers on top, plus a wind breaker. I wore an ear band instead of a hat and stayed quite comfy. The thing that got me was toward the end of the race when I was really pushing myself the cold air really hurt my lungs. I was hacking and coughing for a couple hours after the race. Guess I just need to get outside more often. Anyway - I think I'm going to reward myself with a nice under armor base layer or a top jacket for my race success and then start getting outside more often
  4. Everyone - thanks so much for the words of wisdom, I think I have it figured out now I'm really excited, weather is to be clear and cold. Who knows, maybe I'll discover that running/walking outside in the winter isn't so bad!
  5. Thanks! I'm surprised, only one layer on the bottom? I do have a pair of winter tights, but wasn't sure that would be enough!
  6. I've been training indoors for the last couple of months and I signed up for a 5k. It is aptly named, Freeze Your Fanny. The race is this weekend and it is supposed to be 32 degrees at race time. How do I dress for the race? I've only done races in the spring and summer so this is all new. Thanks in advance
  7. Bob Congratulations on making it through the program, that is totally inspiring to me (who is starting the W1D1 on Monday). I've been walking outside this week, getting my body used to a different form of exercise Did the 2 mile loop again today, just a nice steady walking pace. It was lovely outside, sunshine and just a slight breeze. Have a great day everyone!
  8. Hi everyone! I've been off the boards for a looooong time but have recently recommitted to WW and have been lurking about. Reading this thread has totally inspired me to start the C25K program. I have been mostly swimming and bike riding, with a little bit of strength training. So I started walking this week and Monday, June 28 will be my first day of the program. A little bit about me, I'm 46 years old, and have 80 pounds to lose. Back in January I started training for a sprint triathlon that was in March and I did it! I had to walk the entire portion of the "run" but I finished and that was the main thing. There is another race I want to do in September so if I start the program now, I should really be able to build up my endurance and speed. Anyway - today's walk was about 2 miles, with some hills. Gorgeous day, warm temps and just a slight breeze. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm back. I had just finished my first week of the C25K and I got totally sidelined with a nasty cold. I was flat on my back last week, fever, chills, nasty cough. I"m on the last of my antibiotics and hoping to get back into the swing of things on Wednesday. I love reading this thread, I find it so inspiring. Have a great day everyone!
  10. Graciesmom/Zoe - I'm so glad to see another C25K person. I just started the program this week myself and finished day 2 today! So welcome from another newbie runner.
  11. Happy Friday everyone! Missed my workout yesterday but got my second run in today! Another 1.75 in 30 minutes. I'm going to take everyone's advice and check out the tracking web sites over the weekend. Denise
  12. Hi All! Thanks for the welcome. Finished my first walk/run today. The weather is still really nasty out, so I went to the gym and used the treadmill. Actually I'm one of those strange folks who doesn't really mind using a treadmill, especially when it is raining/hailing and blowing outside. I'm really slow, but I figure once I get used to running I can work on speed. Right now I'm just focusing on form and keeping my heart rate in check. At any rate, I completed 1.75 miles in 30 minutes (I said I was slow!). I figured I'd keep track of my speed, time and distance and that should give me a good idea of improvement. Any other suggestions? Tomorrow is a swim day, then I"ll walk/run on Thursday! Have a great day everyone!
  13. Hello everyone - I"m hoping its okay that I join your thread. I've been absent from BCB for quite some time, but have decided that it is time to come back to this great place. There is so much wisdom and knowledge here and I always learn so much (yes I've been lurking!). At any rate, I hesitated to join the Runners Thread, because I'm not a runner. I am however, an aspiring runner and am starting the C25K program. Yep, newbie. Week 1, Day 1 starts Tuesday. A little bit about me, I'm married and have two grown sons (ages 23 and 25). I work at a University in a very sedentary job so I try to get my work out in first thing in the morning or on my lunch hour. I have about 75 pounds to my goal weight and have been doing a combination of walking, elliptical, spinning/biking, and strength training. I just haven't been doing it consistently and with enough frequency. I'm usually around 2 - 3 times a week and I want to get to where I"m doing cardio 5 times a week. So I think the running program will be just the ticket. Hope everyone has a great day!
  14. twdiva - I say get out there and ride that bike! Have fun and don't pay any attention to the other people. After all, you are riding the bike for your health and pleasure, not theirs. If you do see people looking at you, just imagine them saying positive things and that they are cheering you on. I started riding my bike at 225 pounds so I know how uncomfortable you can feel around those skinny mini folks! But hey, the main thing is getting out there and being active. Now, if it would only quit snowing and the weather would warm up, I'df be out on my bike!
  15. Hello - I'm new to this thread (and back to BCB) and hope its ok that I join you. I'm not doing any specific program, just doing a combination of walking and running for a total of 30 minutes three times a week. I'm working toward being able to run for 1 mile without walking. I also like to do spinning and have been strength training twice a week. Tomorrow is strength training day.
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