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  1. Hey, Jen. I occasionally drink the original size Citrus Squeeze -- 9 points -- for lunch. Tried an Enlightened Smoothie a month ago -- I personally thought it had an odd aftertaste from the special Enlightened Dairy Base that they use. I'm sticking with the regular stuff.
  2. Hi, All. First post here. Been lurking for a couple of months -- time to join in. I get point values for most dry items in ounces and pounds and WEIGH them -- religiously. Seems more accurate to me than trying to figure out, for example, how many grapes I can stuff into a measuring cup. There are a few exceptions -- sugar by the teaspoon, bread, cheddar cheese, and ham by the slice, and generic items such as eggs and bananas that have point values based on single units. Take care... -- Peter -- *************** SW 217.5 (1/1/2004) CW 185.5 (6/4/2004) GW 175 [ June 05, 2004, 03:37 AM: Message edited by: bizzwriter ]
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