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  1. I loved your site. Thanks for posting. You look fabulous!!!!
  2. I don't post here and slacked off posting on this board but this is just what I needed to read. I too loved the Biggest Loser Show. I cried every week with them. Thank you so much for you input and wonderful pictures of you and you have awesome results and what a difference on you.
  3. I can see a difference in your arms!!! Ok I'm off to work on my arms now too. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Oh my gosh. You look wonderful. I read some of your journal too and you are an inspiration.
  5. Wow I agree you look awesome. Doesn't look like the same person either. Your arms and legs look great. Are you body building?
  6. I have seen your weight loss success and you've have done an awesome job. I wish I could be like you. What a wonderful compliement to be invited to the Firm taping!!!!! That has to feel wonderful!!! Thanks for all the pics and I too will be a Firm Believer!!
  7. Congratulations!! Your doing great!!!
  8. I thought I was all alone in this slow race. I too have lost about 20lbs in a year!! All my friends that joined me in WW a year ago have given up and since probably added another 10lbs to their start weight. Not me!!! Slow is the best way to lose!!! Maybe this time next year I'll be another 20lbs lighter. :angel
  9. I switched to flex after 3 weeks on core. I wasn't losing but that first week. I still eat alot of the core foods but now count points. So far that's working for me. We will see come Monday when I have my first weigh in. Good luck.
  10. I don't know what the scientific result is but last 7/16 Friday I gave up all caffeine and sugar and I lost 5lbs this past Friday. I incased my water so I'm sure that helped. I'm a very slow loser so that 5lbs made me a believer!!
  11. That's awesome news that you have kept your goal weight for a year. I applaud you!!
  12. Wow you look amazing!! Thanks for sharing. Your a great motivator.
  13. Thanks for sharing! What an accomplishment. You look great.
  14. Wow you look wonderful. What an accomplishment! Congrats to you.
  15. That's a good NSV!! My shoe size has gotten smaller too? I love that. hee hee
  16. Whoa you look so young(er). Great job
  17. Outstanding!! I just can't imagine either how not seeing your family lose all this weight would stress you out. I would be flaunting it and I agree they will be very happy for you. I'm jealous!! haha
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