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  1. In weight loss and wellness, studies have shown that the knowledge gap is not the problem. It is the DOING that is the problem. Having a FREE program at work will provide more incentive for the DOING. The shortage of health care workers coupled with rising health care costs and more patients to care for has everyone stressed. Direct patient care is an extremely stressful, demanding job. The majority of physcians I know are not in stellar physical shape either. They are people with stresses just like everyone else that need help putting the knowledge into practice.
  2. Wow! Very inspiring. Also, you are so beautiful! I can tell from your face how much happier you are!
  3. Yay! What a difference! Although you still look like the life of the party in both pictures!! You have a very pretty smile.
  4. You look great, girl!!! You're so tiny! You will thank yourself forever for looking so fabulous on your wedding day and in all of your pictures!
  5. WOW--you look fantastic!!! Congrats on your amazing progress!
  6. Oh, wow! What a difference! You look fantastic! I love love love that top you are wearing in the last picture!!! Where did you get it?
  7. I just ordered the sample box and got them this week. To me, they are just okay. Honestly, I would rather spend extra points and have the "real thing" if I want a muffin or eat no pudge or the WW muffins.
  8. WOW!!! I'm so jealous of your tiny hips and thighs in the second picture! You look great!
  9. I just finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck. HOW did I ever miss this one? It is fantastic, although slightly depressing in a Hemmingway-ish sort of way. It is a lovely book. The characters are so well-developed. I had such a hard time putting it down.
  10. Wow, you look great!!! Congrats on your loss!!!!
  11. How long they stay in your system will vary between people and depend on the potentcy of the steroid and how long you were on it. They can cause both weight gain and water retention, but a 14-day course shouldn't pose too serious of a problem. I would say give it a week or 2 after the last dose.
  12. I hated these the first time I tried them, but I gave them another shot and now I really like them. I have only tried the choc.
  13. I like Edy's Grand Light ice cream. Also Klondike slim-a-bears, and the ww cookies and cream ice cream treats.
  14. If it was a study published in JAMA, it was probably a sample of dieters who were randomized to other plans as well as WW. After a year "on" these diets, these people do report low weight loss b/c there are so few people who actually stick with it and lose a significant amount of weight. Remember that "average" is not necessarily what you would expect to lose. If you looked at WW members over a year, those who start and stop (lots more) will skew the results toward the low end. Statistically speaking, for weight loss plans in general, the odds are against us. However the people at BCB tend to have more success than the general public...the "results not typical." Edit: if this is the "review" you are talking about-- Comparison of the Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and Zone Diets for Weight Loss and Heart Disease Risk Reduction A Randomized Trial Michael L. Dansinger, MD; Joi Augustin Gleason, MS, RD; John L. Griffith, PhD; Harry P. Selker, MD, MSPH; Ernst J. Schaefer, MD JAMA. 2005;293:43-53. There were 40 individuals randomized to each eating plan. Subjects were to give their "maximum effort" for 2 months; after the 2 months, they could decide for themselves. So it is not like they were "on" WW for a year.
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