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  1. Bonnie: Don't you dare apologize for "bragging"! You are an encouragement to us by posting. And congratulations! You look great. Carmen
  2. I just tried the grilled chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken yesterday. I haven't eaten their chicken in years because I don't feel well after eating greasy fried foods, besides too many calories and points. But I liked the grilled chicken and will go back again once in a while. I had a $5 box meal with the drumstick and thigh. Good for you, KFC. I am sorry so many of you had bad experiences though. Carmen
  3. My first thought was also Hummus. It is such a tasty topping for bread, crackers, or other bread products. I love it on a whole wheat or "grainy" hamburger type bun with a thick slice of tomato. You can also add a low fat slice of cheese. Yummm! Carmen
  4. Hey, you are making my mouth water! I used to live in rural Washington State where all the great varieties of apples are grown. I sure miss them now that I am in dry Arizona, and the stores do not carry many varieties at all. Good news is that next week we will be in Calif. and I know I can buy good apples from Washington there. So you-all enjoy those Honey Crisps, Fuji's and Pink Ladies. There are better than any candy I know of. Carmen
  5. I have not made baked oatmeal for a long time. Sounds like a great thing to cook again now that it has gotten cooler. This time, I think I will add some chopped apple, and maybe get some cranberries also to add the next time I do the grocery shopping. Thanks for the ideas. Carmen
  6. Teg, I love this idea. It will be on the menu for next week. Thanks for sharing! Carmen
  7. I am glad this came up, because I never really thought about it. I don't think I have ever asked anyone that question, but might have sometime in the future, not even thinking it was inappropriate. I don't mind people asking me. But don't ask me my weight! Thanks for your input, everyone. Carmen
  8. Thanks Momaste, Yes, I do have a pumice stone. Thanks for bringing that up. They work fairly well for me, but I wouldn't mind splurging and trying the Ped-Egg if it works well. Bonnie, I am glad to see your comment. I have seen them in a local store, too. I think I will pick one up then. Carmen
  9. Hey Buddies, I know it's not food, or directly Weight Watcher related, but we all want to look our best! Has anyone used the Ped-egg that gets the rough and flakey skin off your feet? I occasionally wear panty hose and sometimes the roughness of my feet wears a hole in my panty hose. Carmen
  10. I have been married 31 years and have used crockpots to cook at least once a week for most of those years. I have had a Rival, Hamilton Beach, and now have another Rival. I have been satisfied with both Rival and Hamiliton Beach. I think Rival is best known for crockpots, actually. I doubt if they would still be around making them if they had problems. I bought my first one in 1972 when I went away to college and used it many, many years. But I am sure there are many other good ones too. By the way, do not hestitate to try out some recipes from the section of this site, Crockpots and Pressure Cookers. It's towards the bottom of the WW Support Forum Page under BCB's Favorite Recipes. I have try many of them and so many buddies have good ones to share. Happy cooking. Carmen
  11. Memoirs of A Geisha by Arthur Golden It was like traveling back in time and visiting Japan. Carmen
  12. Dear Rollercoaster Stops Here, I am not sure about using Splenda, but there are many other options if you don't want to use that much brown sugar: 1. Use half the amount of brown sugar. 2. Use honey instead. 3. Use some kind of 100% fruit juice. Pineapple juice sounds wonderful with the other ingredients. 4. Use 100% maple sugar. 5. Omit the brown sugar entirely, taste and see if you like it without. If you don't and it seem to need sweetener, add one of the other options a little at a time until it suits your taste. If you end up experimenting and find something wonderful, do let us know. Dear Christine, Thanks for posting this recipe. I was planning to buy some whole chickens on sale this week. Now I know what I will do with them: cut them up and use this recipe. Carmen
  13. Green Lady


    Kim, Awesome! You must be really proud of yourself and also looking great. Next time you are in the store, pick up 2 bags of potatoes that are 10 pounds each. That is about what you have lost! Way to go and keep it up. Carmen
  14. Hi Havasubuddie, Yes, that is a great recipe and I have appreciated trying different things with it from time to time. I love adding baby corn to it! I never have tried leaving out the tomato paste though. Always new ideas to share here at this site! Carmen from Kingman
  15. Mary and Mooksgrandma, Thanks so much for your help. Those all sound so yummy. I am looking for something that I can have on hand to help keep me away from the ice cream that my husband eats every night. I am sure these will do the trick. Carmen
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