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  1. I do Simply Filling and feel so much more satisfied and your cravings for junk go away after a while, I feel so much more healthier when I cut out the junk and processed foods, and I rarely think of food like I used to when I did Points
  2. Sally2461

    CORE Bread

    i agree!, all the fat free foods on the Core/SFT are loaded with chemicals in order for them to take out the fat, I use to do core/SFT and now will only count points for real food even tho they will be a few more points than the non fat
  3. I agree also not freezing this with the pasta , when I defrosted it the pasta was very mushy so it went in the trash,I will make and freeze without the pasta next time .
  4. I have a Kitchen aid 7 qt.and it is wonderful ,:bcb_upbig enough for a large family,I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond,Linens n Things also has it,It cost 129.00 and they normally have a 20 % off coupon,well worth the money spent ,and they stand by their product,if anything goes wrong you just call them and they will ship you a new one and then you ship back the other in the same box and they even pick it up.
  5. Years ago ,like in 1979 when I lived in Florida there was a Weight Watchers Camp,they use to advertise it in the W.W. Monthly Magazine.
  6. Thank You so so much,I have been searching for this for a long time,thank you for taking the time to post it,I want to bring it to my brothers BBQ this 4th of July,Thanks again to all.
  7. Years back there was a recipe for this cake it was made with a cake mix then you made orange fat free jello, poked holes in the cake and poured the jello over it while still hot then the icing was fat free orange jello and fat free cool whip,and it taste just like a creamsickle pop does anyone remember or have the recipe,I don't remember the exact measurements,thanks to all for any help.
  8. When I went to Applebees here in Totowa,N.J. on RT. 46 I ask the waitress if the onion soup was Really Weight Watchers and she wispered to me that it was not,it was there reg onion soup,as it seemed very oily to me ,well I never ate there again as now I don't trust them.
  9. Can someone please let me know if in the ingredients there is High Fructose Corn Syrup,thanks to all.
  10. I did use apple cidar vinegar and it turned out great,next time I will make this with cut up boneless chicken thighs as I like dark meat better than white,mine came a little dry but I think I browned it to long,but it is delischous,I will make this again,I also substituted the soy sauce for lite soy sauce and the apple juice I bought was Motts for tots it has 60 cal. and 1/2 the sugar of regular juice,it turn out great.
  11. I couldn't find cider vinegar so I bought apple cider vinegar,is this ok or should I get white vinegar to substitute,thanks to all in advance.
  12. A hole bar is 8 points so divided by how many servings it won't add much.
  13. I add a 8-oz. bar of fat free cream cheese to the pumpkin fluff and it tastes even better and creamier.
  14. Name ?: Sally Where ?: Nutley,New Jersey Married ?:Divorced Kids ?: 1 Beautiful 19 y/o Daughter Occupation ?: Customer Service,Automotive Sports ?: Gazelle Hobbies ?: Cooking, Baking, Coupon Clipping, Reading Health Magazines WW history ?: Been doing weight watchers forever,lifetime in 1983 ,kept it of for many years and then I hurt my knees and I got lazy and gained it all back,I'm on Core now and love it,now i'm doing it for health reasons and Core is so much liveable,rarely hungry.
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