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  1. Me and hubby restarted on Weight Watchers. It has been 4 years. I have to say it was time to. Now with that said we have chosen to only do online till Spring due to weather. The site use to be so friendly to use. I cant find the forums now where we do the accomplishments. I love setting my little goals up so I stay on track better. I finally found where to track my foods last night. I started on the 1st. Am getting discouraged trying to navigate it. This is one reason I would cancel and fact I had special K yogurt cereal and 1/2 cup Almond milk and it was 8 pts I am feeling hungry. Guess I was so use to having a bowl of milk and cereal I over ate maybe that is why. Now I have to plan 2 meals and a snack around 22 pts. Maybe am just feeling overwhelmed. Any advice to make this easier is welcomed... Please.
  2. momof3rugratz


    I had the Balsamic chicken meal dinner had the bread and potatoes I know it was a splurge because I was on points 14 days straight I did not go over any so I treated self to bruch am thinking it is a LOT points I have my weekly give to help me and all stay on pt rest of week but I have no clue what the points are I did not choose the low calorie side
  3. I dont have bag in front of me but if ya need a chip fix these did it for me I put 10 on my plate yes 18 for 3 pts but so worth the 2 pts
  4. The almond Breeze is what I drink never seen the single moo where did ya find them
  5. Really wow I have 3 sweet potatoes on my counter I might have to bake them and go buy these what are the serving and points since I only get 22 a day I make sure I stay good
  6. OMG I love this and I only eat the bottom buns and a db of the peppercorn I bet that makes the points just right
  7. OOCh well that is gonna stink for me I have one at work every day Maybe that why am losing 1 pd week now if that
  8. These are all I use now. I hate sandwhiches but I use as a bun and as a english muffin toasted
  9. have to go to store to find these now I would count as .5 personally due to the 5 fiber..
  10. Yes i saw there NI but doesnt say if it was with the condiments or without and sucks no fiber value either. If I add it up I do get 12 points. Might be little high because I did share but I am so proud I stayed on points
  11. ok need help here because the site doesnt specify anything much except the fact the Ultimate Feast (what i had) is 638 calories and 40.18 fat. There isnt a fiber area so I put in 0 comes to 16 pts total. Well I was smart and I ate only half the baked potato. I subsatuted grilled shrimp for breaded shrimp. I also ate only half the garlic shrimp scamp shared other with daughter. I had NONE of the butter and sour cream from the potato had it plain and no melted butter I am so darn proud of myself. I had a garden salad with 1 tbs of ranch I am figuring it to be about 12 pts but I want to make sure. The site doesnt state if the condiments are included in there NI or not
  12. ok we do are own meat and I have like 1lb of ground pork sausage but no clue what to figure the points as. I am adding it to potato chowder is why i need points. I am at 3pts for 12 cups I want to stay under 5 perfer it to be 4pts nothing else but have feeling I wont get that. I figure adding a little sausage would give little flavor the kids would love. Anyone help me with the points please.
  13. I lost 1.2 lbs. It isnt alot but I will take it TY all for listening to me mummble over my mistakes...
  14. My Week starts over tomorrow I have 15 Weekly points out of the 35 they give us and I have 22 AP that I earned left. So I didnt go off plan but for 2 night I ate 30 and 33 points which is over the 22 daily points we get.
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