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  1. Joanne- OH NO!! :eek: I hope I dont get two too!! Both of the times I called, the CSR were so BLAH! They gave absolutely no info or help whatsoever! I hope it won't be hard to get a refund on one of them if that does happen!! Maybe I will have to sell it to another buddy so they don't have the same problem!
  2. Hi guys! I am yet another who just jumped on the Firm bandwagon!! Plus there was mom at my son's baseball practice last night that was raving about i!! So There must be something to this thing!! Quick question... did any of you have trouble ordering yours from firmdirect.com? After I ordered, and clicked no thanks to the extra offers, I got a blank screen. No confirmation or anything. I called the customer service line this morning, and they said my order wasn't showing, so I tried again, and am waiting for a confirmation. The rep said it would take 24-48 hrs to get an email saying it went through??? Kinda screwy. Normally online orders come with a confirm page to print out, right?? Or is it just me being a ding bat?
  3. We've been eating these for years, my fam won't eat full fat cheese anymore. Last night i found Kraft LF pepperjack slices...DELISH! I haven't figured up the points per slice yet, but I'll try to remember to do that tonight and let ya know.
  4. Does anyone have this WW cook book, or know where I might be able to find it? I was told it was an older one, looked on EBAY with no luck??
  5. Hey Deb, thanks!! This is a pretty cool site!! I wish I had known about it during Christmas, when I was searching for something different to make! I am on a quest right now to cook at home more often, so this may just come in handy!!
  6. Thanks momof8! where did you find the recipe out of curiosity? THis is a very good salad!!
  7. Does anyone happen to know what the point value is for the Chicken Florentine Salad at Macaroni Grill? a friend and I split it today, and I can't find it. Not on dwlz.com either???? Thanks for any help!!
  8. This is off the subject of the salad (which I would have had a hay day complaining about) but have any of you heard about the BK's new breakfast sandwhich (can't remember what it's called) but that it has about the same nutritional value as about 14 fried chicken legs? :eek: I heard it on the news, and man, is that an eye opener!!
  9. Whoa Ginah!! You look so different from your starting point!! Your face and everything look so thin!! WTG!!
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