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  1. I want to try this soo bad but around here it takes forever to get anything new..LOL!! Hope that I can find it soon
  2. This is too funny!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I finally got to see your commercial for the FIRM. You look beautiful!
  4. smschliep

    WW Bagels

    I did not care for the bagels at all!! To me it tasted like I was eating bird seed. I dont know if they would be any better if they were toasted but Im afraid to try them like that!!
  5. Congrats Tiff!! I know that you still must be floating on air! You have come a long way babe!!
  6. CW, that is a great idea! I think that I may have to do that on Friday. I WI on Thursday and I will start that on Friday! You are a man of great knowledge!!
  7. LOL!! I loved this!! I think that I will pass it on to my email buds!
  8. This is very addictive!! I love it!
  9. I found these at Walmart yesterday and they were pretty good. They were in a little 2 pack and they were $.88 a piece. Not too bad. I bought a couple of packs each and ate one on the way home/
  10. The Walmart in Indiana has them on sale now for $1.80 for a 6 pack of them. They are yummy!!
  11. I love it!! I got him to 56 and that was about it! Thanks for the link!
  12. Way cool!! I will be on the lookout for you!
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