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  1. I can't seem to get my avatar changed from my old picture when I was on here 10 years. Any ideas? Does it have something to do with the fact that I am labelled an "inactive" still?
  2. We've been using whole wheat tortillas for about a year as our pizza crust. We thought we were the clever ones! I guess you had the great idea, too!
  3. Way to go, Deb! That's awesome! :bcbsalute
  4. I want to make some recipes listed in the BCB recipe pages, and many call for Egg Beaters. Does anyone know what the exchange rate is for Egg Beaters vs Egg Whites? Thanks!:bcbsalute
  5. I was wondering if the big losses on Core were because they were just trying something new. I don't know. I don't want to jump into Core until I do more research and see how the early-switchers are doing after a few months. I'm that kind of person, careful and researched before I try anything new. Lori
  6. I have to agree with Kelly. "Clearly American" is a soft drink. You had said you would "replace soft drinks with Clearly American," but they are one in the same. Actually Clearly American was WalMart's response to a popular soft drink in the early '90s called "Cleary Canadian." Just my 2 cents. Lori
  7. Editht, I love Adi too. I know they are not everywhere in the country, but I told my husband we should never live too far away from Aldi! A lot of my friends and family have Sams Club and Cosco memberships. I go occasionally with my mom, but everytime it looks like their prices never match up to Aldi! I am also a super budget stretcher. I found the books "Tightwad Gazette" excellent. There are some ideas that I would never do, but a lot of them are worth giving a try.
  8. In college I went to the University's gym. It had Precore ellipticals (the ultimate in gym equiptment). They are AWESOME, strudy and fun to use. The problem is they have a huge price tag. When I went to purchase a lesser model, I did reserach on www.epinions.com It's a website created so that people can write their reviews of different products. I was looking at buying a Norditrak elliptical (one of the better of the cheap ones about $800). All the reviews were very negative. They said it wasn't very strudy, was only meant for those under 200 lbs, and an average person needed service in less than a year. I looked into exercise bikes. I found one from Proform that I really like. It was in the $350-400 range. I have had it for about a year, and I love it. It has a large seat with a back, so it's quite comfy too. I am new believer in the bike. I did lots of reach about the bikes, and found only good things about the Proform model I purchased. It's good to be an informed consumer. Lori
  9. I know it's been a long time since this post, and you probably won't get this reply, but you are so inspiring! Congrats to you and thanks for setting such a good example for all of us! Lori
  10. losinglori


    Yea! 22 pounds! That's really impressive! I hope I can make it there too! You're an inspiration! Lori
  11. Thanks everyone for your replys. I did a bit of research on the Internet and found an article that said colas contain an acid that can leech your calicum supplies. I don't remember the link -- sorry. Thanks for everyone's advice. This week, I've removed soda entirely from my diet and replaced it with milk. I don't seem to miss the soda, and I think the milk is better for me. I'm not sure it will aid in weighloss, but I feel healther. Who knows! Lori
  12. Hi Buddies, A friend told me the other day that carbination is bad for losing weight. She told me that having more than a soda a day can interfere with weight loss. What do you think? Also, my mom said that caffeine will actually make you more hungry in the end. I've been drinking a diet coke a day to keep myself energized and have that "full" feeling. Should I stop this habit? Lori
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