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  1. Can anyone tell me how to figure out how many points you get for this new program??
  2. bump up to find easily
  3. This sounds good... My husbands family is from Maryland and Crab cakes is a must have.. thanks
  4. I went shopping on Friday and Krogers had all their Halloween candy marked way down...my fave candy was a dollar a bag.. and they were having a sale on the large Hershey bars.. 10 for 10 dollars..in the past I would have bought both but as tempted as I was and I won't lie.. Chocolate is my biggest threat..I talked myself out of it.....and it was all because of this post which I first read after Easter and it helped me too...great post
  5. I have been using ragu light for almost a yr now and it is great.. I put one packet of splenda in it to take away the tart taste but I do that in regular sauce also..
  6. I like her tapes, they do give you a nice workout, I always work up quite a sweat and I add weights to my walking too...she can be a bit corny at times but she does a good job all in all..
  7. I think the 97% H N hot dogs are 3 pts apeice because I buy them all the time and that is what they point out to..
  8. Thanks Chris... I was just thinking this morning that I had ground turkey and should make meatballs out of them.to go with our WW pasta.. once again you have helped me out..
  9. Where I live in Connecticut, we have 3 missed meetings every 6 months also but I know every meeting place is different..I go to a place that is owned and Run by WW's.
  10. This sounds great.. I am having a b-day party here next weekend for my MIL and DD so this will be the dessert I make for my MIL..now if I can just find something low point for DD..thanks for posting this
  11. I have tried it, it is not bad, not as good as real OJ, but I do like to have my OJ with breakfast once in awhile so the light is good
  12. The reduced fat oreos are really good... and for 1pt each it is a cookie I can eat.. I only buy these now for the family and noone complains about them being reduced fat... they think they taste great
  13. donnashops

    Tasty Hot Dog

    I need to recheck the Hebrew National 97% fat free hotdogs because I had them pointed out as 3 pts for 1 the fat free are 1 pt..
  14. I love the Hebrew National 97% fat free hotdogs but I point them out as 3 points each.. Are you sure they are only 1 pt
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