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  1. I decided to join a gym again. I just don't do the exercise if I don't go to the gym. Anyways, it helps me tremendously to go WITH someone to use at motivation. When I was in high school I went with my mom religiously and then when I moved to Cali and went by myself I hardly ever went. So I decided to join my friend's gym. My VERY VERY IN SHAPE HEALTH NUT friend... talk about being self conscious! Anyway, we didn't have long so we just went on the eliptical/cross training things. (excuse my ignorance on gym equipment). Anyway, I only lasted 12 minutes before I thought I was going to die! I kept imagining myself on The Biggest Loser, and having a trainer keep telling me I could do it. Well, after the 12 mins I bowed out gracefully and went to shower. I felt really down and out because she was still going strong for another 30 minutes. But then I realized.. she's been working out at that gym for about 2 years now, and is in the best shape I've ever seen anyone. So obviously me and my 220+ lbs aren't going to be able to do what she can do! My question to you buddies (that do go to the gym and do use these types of machines), how long can you last on them, and how long has it taken you to get that way? The more I think about it the more I feel that 12 mins was a good starting point, and something to work on. Someday I'll be where she is!
  2. O...M....G.... This sounds INSANE! The only way I will ever make it though is to take it somewhere or serve at a party. This would be soooo dangerous just hanging around the house. I am definately going to bookmark this though... ty ty ty ty Christine!!
  3. Bad news... did my 3rd day of Couch to 5K yesterday and got medial shin splints... This is not my first time with these... had them in grade school as well... it has to do with my pronation, my feet are VERY flat (plus my extra weight pounding down on them probably doesn't help!) Do any of you know of any great ways to treat them? I've been stretching and icing and trying to stay off them... I really don't want to quit jogging... I'm finally exercising in a way I enjoy... Any suggestions? Also... once they stop hurting, how long should I wait to go jogging again? Don't have any insurance... so can't see a doc. Any Over The Counter orthotics I could try or anything???
  4. I enjoy hiking... great way to keep your mind on other things while getting a good workout! I'm trying to get in really good shape so that DBF and I can start backpacking next year... he used to do it a lot with his brother but got out of it a while ago and has the itch again... Since backpacking trips are usually an unreal amount of miles... I want to be in GREAT shape, which I am not right now... SOOO I just started the couch to 5K, which I am hoping will build up my endurance... we'll see!!
  5. Well, as Christine knows... I started a thread similar to this one in the 50+ Boards, not having any idea this one existed!! I started C25K on Monday with the intent of doing it MWF, but since I'm so out of shape... I had to wait until tonight (Thursday) to do my second workout... but that's another great thing about this plan... as long as it gets done 3 times a week.. doesn't matter when. Anyways, back to that "first time" on Monday... it was pretty tough... I'm a pterry weak person when it comes to self-motivation... basically never pushing myself too hard to do anything... but I did on Monday. I said enough was enough... I wanted to exercise and until I started AND finished that 'first day', I'd never successfully have a second and third day... therefore really being on the road to health! I still don't feel 100% on the soreness meter... but I feel better than yesterday! Since the only time for me to go is at night, and we live in a decent neighborhood... but the distance I go tends to take me in a little worse one... I've decided I'm going to take my dog, Buddy, with me. He's a viscious looking Boxer (sweet at could be, but good at deterring foul play!) Anyways... we'll see how it goes, obviously it's tougher to keep a rhythm when you're with a dog, but I think we'll be OK. Anyways... just wanted to share! Pretty proud of myself for doing this so I tend to rant!
  6. CaliDani

    Cool 1 point desert

    I'm going to try this tonight... I'd like to put some bananas in it, do you know how long they would last (days?) once they're in the mixture? I don't want them to go bad before we're done with it!
  7. Is it just like a beef stew? Forgive my lack of knowledge here... I've heard of beef burgundy, just not what it actually is!
  8. Off the subject a bit.. but Chrisena... how many points for that dessert?? It sounds AWESOME!!!
  9. This sounds great and I want to make it for a special dinner for DBF tomorrow night.. couple questions though... 1.) What is the point difference if I use hash browns instead of tater tots? (I'll be cutting it into 8 servings) 2.) How much of the hash browns do I use? (btw.. are we talking about the shredded ones??) I want this dinner to be special... I'm trying to kick start our relationship.. add a bit more romance! That's my only reason for askin the questions... otherwise I'd just experiment! Thanks in Advance!!!
  10. CaliDani


    Made these and they were WONDERFUL!!! Not the most attractive things, but definately taste amazing!!! In the future, I'll only make about 2 or 3 at a time though!!!
  11. A couple months ago I started getting rediculous cravings for fruit juice, which was killing the diet because we all know how many points those things can add up to!! Then the minute maid lite came out, and the grocery store had a great deal on them, so I bought 2 of the cases... and I'm going to have to go against the crowd here and say I didn't like them (i got both raspberry). They had a strange taste to them... sort of chalky I thought... and I could definately tell it was a "lite" drink.... just my opinion though... I still have an unopened case I'm sure I'll never drink...try to give it to someone I suppose...
  12. Hi - I don't think I've ever heard of the brand... I've been looking for a good low-cal bagel... would they be at a Trader Joe's maybe?? Thanks!
  13. wow this sounds great.. I'm going to make it tomorrow night!!!
  14. My question is... does the FF cheddar actually melt? Also.. what size tortillas do you get? I know Mission makes all different sizes... This sounds good though...DBF loves when I make quesedillas but I haven't in so long b/c they're so bad for me...
  15. I personally have found that I enjoy other types of FF dressings (Italian, 1000 Island...etc.) but can't find a decent ranch anywhere!!! Not sure what it is!!!!
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