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  1. I recently re-joined the gym and I'm just wondering if my workouts are typical or on the light side. Compared to the workouts I had when I was a gym member 3 years ago, my current workouts are very light. But back then I was child-less and had much more time to devote. Anyway, I typically work out 4 days per week as below: 30min on the treadmill doing an incline program. I jog @ 5.5 for about 1/2 the time and walk at 3.7 the other half. The incline goes from 0 to 6% at various times through the workout. According to the machine, I typically burn about 250cals 3 sets of 12 reps on the crunch machine w/20lbs of weight (50cals?) 3 sets of 12 reps on the lat pull-down machine w/30lbs of weight (50cals?) If time allows I do a 15min incline program on the eliptical machine which burns about 120cals. Also if time allows sometimes I'll add another weight machine. So I'd say I burn about 400-500 cals per workout and I workout 4X per week. Does that sound right? Is that typical?
  2. Thanks for all the great advice I ate a banana w/a bit of rf peanut butter and it helped quite a bit. I'm feeling a bit panicked b/c we have NO good food in the house and I have NO time to get to the store so it's making it very difficult to make wise, points friendly meal choices. I have been using my WAP's to make sure I'm not under-eating but I think this is just one of those weeks where no matter HOW MUCH I eat it'll never be enough, KWIM? I tend to go through this periodically, in another week or so I'm sure the 20pts/day + WAP's will be more than enough and this constant hunger will subside.
  3. HELP!!! I'm at work and I've already eaten bfast (Special K low carb w/skim and raisins) & lunch (1 svg. of pasta w/ICBINB spray and a sprinkle of parm cheese - no veggies b/c we ran out and I haven't been shopping) but I'm still STARVING and I'm about to give in and dig into the Halloween candy that is EVERYWHERE . Lately I feel like I'm a bottomless pit! I feel like I'm ALWAYS hungry, and not just psychological hungry but stomach growling physically, truly hungry. If I didn't know better I'd think I was pg! I've been on maintenance for 3 weeks now but I haven't increased my daily target pts yet b/c I still have a few lbs to go to reach my pgw so I'm still trying to stick to 20pts/day which has been a real challenge these last couple weeks. How the heck to I get through this w/o throwing myself off maintenance?
  4. Well, the coworker who was the recipient of the rude comment from the receptionist did not go back last week - I think she's done. But to be fair, I think she may have been thinking of quitting for her own reasons anyway and this just pushed her over the edge. I weighed in with another recep who is MUCH more encouraging and when she told me I gained (1lb ) I mentioned it was a rough week b/c I had celebrated my bday and she just said, "Good for you, you enjoyed yourself and now you'll get back OP." And she was absolutely right. Since then I've been back OP and I did not allow myself to get discouraged about the 1lb gain last week. bskc1991 - I see your point, but I don't think it's the recep's job to "remind" you if you're OffP, they're there to do the WI's and to encourage you. I feel that these "reminders" are condescending and discouraging and outside the scope of their role at WW. Also, the way I think of it, the point of WW is to give you the tools you need to make health & fitness a LIFELONG habit. It is unreasonable to think that throughout the rest of your life you're going to adhere 100% to the program 100% of the time - there are going to be days or weeks where you may stray a bit, but as long as you have the tools to pull yourself back before its too late I don't think there's anything wrong with the occasional slip. For me, the all or nothing mentality (i.e. you must stay strictly OP or else...) is where I've failed in the past. As long as you're making healthy choices a majority of the time I don't think there's anything wrong with giving yourself some leeway once in a while - b/c I chose to go a little overboard on my bday does not make my weight loss unsafe, unhealthy or ineffective in the long run.
  5. Thanks for all the advice! I know you're all right and I must say something to this woman or to the leader, however, I am SOOOO non-confrontational (IOW, I'm a huge wimp!) I'd be embarrassed to face the woman again if she knew it was me who complained. Irrational, wimpy & weak, I know, but I've always been this way, it's something I'm working on. So now I need to tap you all for more great advice...if/when I decide to approach the recep or the leader, how do I get my point across constructively and inoffensively (is that a word)? BTW, we celebrated my bday over the weekend and I was WAY OffP so I'm probably going to be faced with this recep's "scolding" come Wednesday's WI. I'd like to have a pointed response if she makes one of her usual ignorant comments. This would be ideal b/c I'd feel much better being reactive to her rather than approaching her out of context, KWIM?
  6. Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this, but I didn't see any others that were more appropriate. Just wanted to see what you all think about some things that our meeting secretary has done that has really irked me. I go to WW during lunch with a couple other coworkers. On more than one occassion when I (or my coworkers) had an unexpected loss and voiced happy disbelief the secretary's response was, "Well sometimes it takes a week to catch up if you haven't been sticking to the program. Don't be surprised if it shows up next week." I found this VERY discouraging. Do I expect her to applaud me for straying OffP? No, but I don't need to be reprimanded or condescended to either. Of the 17wks I've been OP, I've lost consistently EVERY week except ONE, obviously I KNOW about staying OP. And as if that wasn't bad enough, this week one of my coworkers weighed in after being away for a week for her WEDDING. She gained 1.6lbs - not too bad and excusable when you consider she had her wedding and a vacation to contend with - not exactly a common occurence. Well when this secretary saw the gain she did her usual "tsk, tsk-ing" and my coworker explained she just got married. The secretary had the nerve to say, "That's not an excuse. Husbands want a skinny wife." WHAT?!?! What kind of encouragement is THAT? This was the last straw for my coworker and now she doesn't even want to attend meetings anymore. Do they have some sort of comments box or feedback forum at meetings? I'd like to submit an anonymous complaint but don't know if there's a process to do so.
  7. I just found these today and they're a great alternative to granola bars. I tried the Honey Oat flavor but they had another flavor too (maple & cinnamon?). Not sure of the point info on the other flavor. They're about 2x bigger than most chewey granola bars, they taste just as good and they're only 2pts each (130 cal, 5g df, 3g fat).
  8. Hi, all! I lurk here on occasion but have only posted a couple times. I've been on WW (flexpoints) for 12 weeks now and am thrilled with the program. In the first 10 weeks I lost 23.5lbs week 11 I had my first gain (.6lbs) and tomorrow is weigh in for week 12 and I'm not looking forward to it :eek: . For the past few weeks I've been having a really tough time staying OP. I was so driven the first couple months and now I just can't get back on track. I'm certainly not eating the way I was before WW, but I'm not nearly as diligent as in those first weeks and the scale is showing it. Any tips for getting that motivation back? Thanks! Amanda
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