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  1. Oh my Freaking God (am I allowed to say that??) You are a stunner... and you could make a fortune as Terri Hatchers double Hazel;)
  2. I can definatley see the difference and I bet you can feel it too :jump_jack You must be so proud of yourself, now that you've got this far you have no-where to go but DOWN!!! If I ever get sorted I'll post a few pics.. I'm not really the technologically minded:p Hazel
  3. Jeidi

    Fast Food

    I still eat out but I always count it in. And if I am unsure of the points because its not in my handbook I will always over compensate. For example, I have chinese every two weeks with friends of ours.. I'll order chicken chow mein because I know it has 8 points. My old favourites of battered chicken is insane at 25 points per portion. If I'm stuck for time (like last night) I'll grap a bag of takeaway chips (french fries) for 9 points. I like to have as many points as possible for the evenings as I can never be sure where I'm going to be ..... Hazel
  4. Oh My God!!! Your a babe.... Congrats mrs.... Hazel
  5. Jeidi

    Empty Points

    A turkey rasher on a small pitta. 1.5 points!! Turkey rashers only have a half a point. Oh happy days... Hazel
  6. I used to love the quick and easy and cheap packet noodles. You can get different flavours like beef, curry or chili. That was until I copped there were 9 points in each serving 9 POINTS!!! Is there anything else out there that is just as nice with lesser points? Bearing in mind I'm in Ireland lol Thanks, Hazel
  7. Hi All, On Saturday at my weigh in I was delghted to see I had lost 1 and a half pounds which brings me to my 10% loss. Only another 5 pounds to goal. My excersise routine is really paying off now as I'm toning up well. SW - 138 pounds CW - 124 pounds GW - 119 pounds Thanks everyone for the support and challenges etc. Hazel;)
  8. Isnt that dish in a chinese called chicken satay? Sorry I cant help with a recipie:( Hazel:jumprope:
  9. In my WW book the laughing cow LIGHT portion is half a point?? And I have mine on melba toast crackers... 6 crackers for one point. Thats what I have for my lunch every day. Hazel:jumprope:
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