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    Wow! Thanks for the link to that site. Very helpful!! If it weren't for sushi, I don't know how I'd get by on WW... I get to fulfil my cravings for eating out and still remain pretty darn healthy and OP for each day (usually without even cutting into the flex points).
  2. If you eat five or six small meals a day vs. three big meals, or one or two small and one big... it will generally help with your weight loss a log better, or so I have found. It just keeps your metabolism balanced and burning calories all the time.
  3. Hi everyone, I went to the grocery here in Canada (Save On for all of you Canucks) and asked for bulgar and they pointed me to "bulgar wheat" in the bulk food isle. My question is... is "bulgar wheat" the same as bulgar with same cooking instructions, etc. as you have all been talking about?
  4. I just called the Keg and asked, they said that they were fried. Not good. So I am going to guess that they are probably around the same as regular fries?
  5. I just went to the Keg for lunch and ordered a new menu choice, but have no idea on the points. Anyone out there have a guess at what a regular order of sweet potatoe fries would be approx. instead of regular fries ordered with a chicken burger? I can figure out the burger (I usually get a grilled chicken burger) but thought I'd get the sweet potatoe fries instead of a salad this time. Any ideas?
  6. On my slide rule I walk at a moderate pace (moderate for me is 3.3 on the treadmill) for 60 minutes and it works out to be 3 points. I am 5'10" though and take bigger steps probably than some of you, so I would say your walking is definitely worth 3 points. Keep on...
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