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  1. I'm with Joanne. Figure the total calories, total fat, and total fiber for every ingredient. Add together, then divide each total by the number of servings in the recipe. At this point, the fiber cap kicks in - per serving. This is why 1 package of 100-calorie cupcakes has 1 point, but two packages consumed at the same time have 4 points. Capping an entire recipe at the 4-gram limit doesn't make sense unless you're planning on eating the entire recipe's production at once.
  2. Thank you for the specifics! Our power went down Friday night and just recently came up, or I would have checked back sooner. Needless to say, I did not get to a meeting but earned a boatload of AP shoveling snow.
  3. I'm the the middle of the snowstorm currently blanketing PA. Where can I look to find if my 7:00 a.m. meeting tomorrow morning is on or not? The 800# seems to be the only contact number. I really want to go but really, really don't want to slog through it if they're closed. Any suggestions? I'm also confused about what would happen if I can't weigh in tomorrow. If I go on Sunday or Monday, can I weigh in next Saturday even though it hasn't been a full week? Thanks!
  4. DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) in workout mode - love it when I can't get to the gym. I set the calorie goal, but the game keeps a clock for you and only counts the time you spend dancing. I'm sweating but still count it as light effort because there's break between each song, so it's like a little interval.
  5. That's really hard! I have a really hard time throwing food away for just those reasons. Maybe you can suggest to your husband that he can press others at the event to take the food home or, for quantity leftovers, call the local food bank, which will lots of times accept cooked food. The food banks especially are hurting for donations now. (This probably doesn't apply to several cooked hot dogs, though!) I'm sure lots of senior citizens on limited budgets or shut-ins would welcome some food and a quick visit. That might work for smaller quantities, and it's a blessing to those in need of food or contact. It's an issue I can identify with: waste it or "waist" it. Good luck!
  6. Lettuce and other greens are easy too. I actually plant mine in window boxes to protect from critters. Kids love this! We use a couple of boxes and sow new seeds every couple of weeks so there's a continuous supply. Tomatoes can be fickle, but the payoff is sooo good. Strawberries are also easy, but maybe a better bet for next year. As long as you cover them with netting against birds and chipmunks, you'll be amazed at the difference between home-harvested and what you get in the store. Everbearing varieties have a nice long season, and they're no work but weeding. Have a lot of fun!
  7. Giant Eagle usually has them in the ethnic aisle, close to the kosher foods.
  8. I have a couple of suggestions about replacing meat and having a satisfying snack around. I know I need something with some substance around 3:00, so I always have an apple, a reduced-fat cheese stick and 3/4 cup Kashi Go-Lean already written down and with me. I break the cereal into those portions as soon as I get home from the grocery, measuring it out into snack-size bags so it's all grab-and-go. Heluvagood ff dip is 1 point for a quarter-cup, and that goes a long way with precut veggies. Hot chicken broth also helps me tremendously, since you get the taste of meat and have to sip slowly. Watch sodium amounts, though! I also use Boca burgers and crumbles. That saves me points, is filling, seems like meat. I buy them at Sam's Club so they're less expensive. It's not a usual breakfast, but I like plain oatmeal with a Boca burger, red peppers, and hot sauce. That last thing may not help you, but I hope there's something else in there that can give you some support!
  9. Agave nectar is sweetener. This link: http://www.madhavahoney.com/agave.htm , has a good rundown on it (yes, they sell it, but the info is accurate). I choose not to consume artificial sweeteners as well. It's not an alarmist choice - you read and make a decision for yourself. Lots of people use artificial sweeteners and are fine. Some of us are more sensitive to them or leery of some issues that could surround their use.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! It's already helped me make some smarter decisions today since I feel accountable.
  11. Hi all - my profile will show that I've been struggling with my weight for a long time. I gained a lot with each of 3 pregnancies and settled into a fat-and-happy rut. I'm still a happy person, just not happy with my body and how the extra weight is weighing on what it can (and can't) do anymore. So here I am! It's time. I'm looking forward to getting support here since I'm not able to go to meetings and finding like-minded people who don't give up. Jessica
  12. The change in you is beautiful! Keep it up! :bcbsalute
  13. Hi - I'm getting serious about running, so I'd like to post with you. I put my main 2006 events in my signature. Both are sprints, but I've never done multisport before. Details - I run in Asics right now and they're OK, but I prefer my New Balance (can't remember the model). I tend to lurk and only post when I have something compelling or original to say, but since I found this thread I hope to have more to contribute. Jessica
  14. Hi! I lift heavy about 4 times a week, which is the workout I love. I'm training right now for a 5K to see if I can lean out a bit, but I'm continuing to weight train. I found myself envying the woman doing walking lunges while in the middle of my run. I have another thread on this forum about losing while training. I've been eating all my AP, especially on lifting day, and while my loss has been plateaued for a while, my body comp is shifting to the positive. Normally, I've been doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) in place of steady state cardio, which I find a lot harder (and less time consuming). Let me know how the program is working for you! I usually follow the Core plan myself. :bcbsalute See you on the boards! DM
  15. I'm six weeks out from my first 5K. My company is one of the sponsors of the race, so the director of our fitness center had a meeting for the new racers. Basically, he told me that it should be impossible to lose much weight while training to race. As in, if I'm eating enough to fuel the workouts and repair muscle, then weight loss will not happen. Now, I've been 'plateaued' for a while but not too concerned about it since my body composition was changing. Should I just resign myself to being this weight while OP and training? Or are there adjustments I can make? Thanks!
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